Kim Kardashian: My 5 Workout & Diet Tips Post-Thanksgiving

Kim Kardashian: 5 Workout and Diet Tips Post Thanksgiving

Kim Kardashian shares her slim-down tips for shedding the pounds from Turkey Day treats. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star writes on her blog:

With the Thanksgiving break now over, it’s time to get back to the grind. We all indulge a little over Thanksgiving, after all, that’s what the holidays are all about! But if you need a few workout and diet tips to help you get back into shape, here are a few tips and tricks…

1. Throw out those left overs! As delicious as they are, Thanksgiving is over. You don’t need to eat those left overs!

2. Grab some workout-related bargains. There are tons of deals in stores and online so treat yourself to a new workout outfit or some new sneakers that will get you motivated to hit the gym.

3. Find a friend! The best way to get motivated is to find a friend to workout with you. Kourtney is my workout buddy right now. Ask a friend or relative if they want to workout together.

4. Don’t beat yourself up, but stay focused. We all gain a few pounds here or there during the holidays, and that’s fine. But get back into your regular lifestyle and focus on eating healthier and limiting your ‘treats’… after all, Christmas is just around the corner.

5. Drink more water. You’d be surprised the difference drinking more water can make to your weightloss mission and workouts. Most of us don’t drink enough, and you’ve probably been avoiding water these last few days and treating yourself to sodas, alcohol and yummy holiday drinks. 2.2 litres (about 9 cups) per day of water is what you should be drinking, so strive for that!

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  • Madi

    Oh my goodness, all she was saying was that the left overs are tempting, she wasn't saying lets be wasteful and inconsiderate. But it is true, if you have leftovers you will want to eat them. And Kim is gorgeous and yea she may have had surgery, but seriously you don't get abs or toned legs with surgery, she seriously for those. And all she was doing was giving some tips that you might find helpful to achieve your weight loss goals, so you can all chill out now.

  • Kim kardashian!!!
    Kim kardashian!!!

    I used to love the Kardashians but Kim has really proved herself to be a liar. Not only did she obtain surgery to have that perfect body but she continues to lie about having fertility issues when the doctor clearly stated that she was able to have kids and khole was not. They aired it on national tv. Months ago she was taking shots to freeze her eggs for the perfect time to conceive now shes pregnant and its a miracle. Wake up world she will do anything for publicity and people like the kardashains are aired on tv to distract us from whats really going on in the world!

  • Jay

    Who is she going to give turkey leg and half a cake to? Be serious!! Everyone throws out left overs because thats exactly what they are LEFTOVERS! she didnt advise you throw out your whole thanksgiving meal. Just because shes famous, that doesnt mean you can all act like douches!!

  • Sara

    Throw out left overs? Not every one can afford that option. How about - Make healthy lunches with your leftovers! Turkey is very healthy and steamed veggies are always a smart snack. Not all Thanksgiving sides are healthy but you can eat smaller portions of those. It's not like left overs last that long anyways. Just stay active, and try to make healthy choices year round. On your Thanksgiving and Christmas and other holiday plates try to fill it with mostly veggies first so you don't have as much room to fill up on the less healthy options.

  • AlaBella

    "1. Throw out those left overs! As delicious as they are, Thanksgiving is over. You don’t need to eat those left overs!" - This is rude and inconsiderate to those in this world who are starving. Why not give the food to someone who needs it instead of thowing it away?

  • Ella

    Does she have any idea that people all over the world are dying of hunger? What has Thanksgiving turned into if it's about preparing a huge feast only to throw out what you can't eat? It's an obscene waste of resources.