‘Les Miserables’ Surprises Audiences; Tom Cruise ‘Kills’ in London; ‘Hobbit’ Hurries to Finish

Hit and 'Les Mis'
Reviews are in for the awards-season musical.
Even though things slowed down over Thanksgiving break, Hollywood managed to eek out a few news stories.

The Hobbit, Les Miserables and Tom Cruise’s next sci-fi epic, All You Need Is Kill, kept many informed in between turkey and Black Friday craziness.

Would you like to know more? Sure ya do!

1. Spy Pics from Tom Cruise’s All You Need is Kill

Tom Cruise’s next film, the sci-fi war epic All You Need is Kill, took over London this Thanksgiving. Celebuzz has the images below!

The film centers on a soldier (Cruise) who is forced to re-live the same terrible death over and over again at the hands of an alien threat until he can learn how to defeat it. Think Groundhog Day by way of Halo.

Kill, directed by Doug Liman, is set for release on March 14, 2014.

2. Les Miserables Surprises Audiences With First Screening

On Friday, November 23, the much-anticipated musical Les Miserables had its first public screening in New York City.

The verdict? The film was met with a standing ovation, according to The Hollywood Reporter, along with significant Oscar talk.

Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) finished the film at 2am, on the morning of the screening, and was joined on stage at Lincoln Center by stars Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried. Check out THR for reactions from those who attended the screening.

3. Peter Jackson Races to Finish The Hobbit

With the clock ticking on the December 14 release date for The Hobbit, director Peter Jackson released a new behind-the-scenes video documenting how fast he and his staff worked to get the film in theatres on time.

The video, which hit the internet on Saturday, features Jackson in full “down-to-the-wire” mode as he races to complete post-production on the Lord of the Rings prequel.

Click here to watch the video via YouTube.

4. The Grey Director At Work on Mark Millar’s Nemesis

Director Joe Carnahan Tweeted on Tuesday, November 20 that he has begun work on adapting Mark Millar’s graphic novel, Nemesis.

“My brother [Matthew Michael Carnahan] and I have begun ‘Nemesis…’ This script is gonna be a beast,” The Grey director said via Twitter. The project, which centers on super villain wreaking havoc on a very-grounded modern day United States, first gained momentum when the late Tony Scott was attached to direct in 2011.

Distributor 20th Century Fox has yet to release an official press statement announcing Carnahan’s involvement with the film.

5. New Trailer for Brad Pitt’s Killing Me Softy Arrives

The newest – and last – trailer for crime thriller Killing Me Softly made its internet debut on Sunday.

The film, starring Brad Pitt as an enforcer on the trail of two thieves who ripped off a Mob-backed card game, arrives in theaters on November 30.

Click here to check out the trailer.

Do you think Les Miserables will take home the Oscar for Best Picture? Are you excited for Brad Pitt’s latest? Sound off in the comments and watch Celebuzz’ trailer for Les Miserables right now!

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