‘Step Up Revolution’ Stars Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman and Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss Offer Behind-the-Scenes Secrets From the Sequel (VIDEO)

'Step Up' Stars Speak
Ryan Guzman, Kathryn McCormick dish about the sequel.
In a neat bit of art-imitates-life synergy, actors Kathryn McCormick and Ryan Guzman have an introduction in Step Up Revolution where the on-screen couple falls into rhythm with one another just as the actors were forced to as newcomers to the series.

When asked how their first experiences on the set mirrored that meet-cute between the film’s future lovers, Guzman explained that there was at least one key difference.

“She wasn’t shaking her hips as much as she was in the movie when we first met,” Guzman revealed about McCormick in an exclusive interview with Celebuzz.

McCormick explained that they in fact had a long rehearsal process prior to shooting which allowed everyone to get comfortable with each other before a frame of film was shot.

“When we first got to the film, we did a month of training,” McCormick said. “We learned all of the flash mobs that we did, and in that we got to become really comfortable with the mob, with each other, and with the cast and the crew.

Even as the comparative veteran to the franchise, Stephen “Twitch” Boss said that shooting the fourth installment was actually pretty different from Step Up 3D.

“It’s newcomers into a new world so it was its own experience, to be honest,” he said. “But I felt like after the first two or three rehearsals, we were good, because everybody’s down for the cause, and everybody was super cool.”

Watch Celebuzz’ interview with McCormick, Guzman and Boss above, and check out the film’s theatrical trailer below. Step Up Revolution arrives on DVD and Blu-ray November 27, 2012.

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