Taylor Swift is 'Thankful' For Her Best Friend Meredith: 13 Adorable Pics of the 'Red' Singer and Her Cat (PHOTOS)

Taylor Swift and Her Best Friend Meredith
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You know what they say: Guys will come and go, but friends are forever.

Taylor Swift has spilled more teardrops on her guitar over plaid-shirted boys than she'd probably care to remember, but thankfully, her BFF (Best Feline Friend) Meredith will always have her back.

"I'm thankful for friendships like this," Swift tweeted last Thursday, along with a photo of her and her favorite feline lying on the floor together. Yes, it seems Swift isn't too far removed from "crazy cat lady" status just yet.

Named after Grey's Anatomy heroine Meredith Grey, the country-pop singer's adorable Scottish Fold kitty is more than just a pet -- she's Swift's person. Whenever the 22-year-old feels "dark and twisty" inside, she goes to Meredith for some much-needed kitten snuggles.

Note: in addition to being the most adorable cat ever, Meredith also has the ability to speak. In one video Swift posted online last March, subtitles were provided for those who don't speak fluent cat language just yet.

"[Meredith] is awesome," Swift recently told talk show host Katie Couric. "She's like the most adorable cat in the world, I feel like. That's very biased though."

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  • Crystal Bell
    Crystal Bell

    Hi Jen! Didn't mean to offend any cat lovers. I was referring to T. Swift as a "crazy cat lady" because she herself has made jokes about it! And honestly, I love my cat too, so if anyone wants to call me a "crazy cat lady in training," I'd wear that label proudly. p.s. This is my cat Sebastian. Cuter than Meredith, right? [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/27/sebastian!-340_340.jpeg[/img]

  • jen

    I can't stand Taylor Swift, but the whole "crazy cat lady" label is starting to piss me off. What's the difference between loving your cat and loving your dog? It's just a phrase that people regurgitate now every time someone mentions his or her cat because that's what you're supposed to say when someone loves their cat, right? It's so annoying. If you want to attempt humor, get some original freakin' ideas.