Damon Wayans, Jr. Talks ‘Happy Endings’ Cast: Improv, Inside Jokes and Weekend Hangouts (VIDEO)

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With the hilarity that ensues on Happy Endings, how do the show’s stars keep a straight face?

Truth is, they don’t. Sometimes, the same humor that leaves fans in side-splitting laughter even gets the best of the actors on set of the ABC comedy.

“Sometimes I just will laugh; if it’s funny, I’m going to let it out,” Damon Wayans, Jr., who plays Brad Williams on the series, told Celebuzz during Bud Light’s America Recycles Day event, which featured a goal post built out of 125,000 crushed aluminum cans. “It depends on the day. Yesterday, I held myself together really well. But other days, I got to give it up. And everybody does that.”

It’s even become something of a contest amongst the cast — they aim to crack up their costars.

“Because they let us just go and go…and we know everybody’s weak point,” Wayans said. “Like I know what makes you laugh now. So we go for it — we try to mess people up. That’s like the goal — to take longer.”

And the wisecracking continues even when the cameras stop rolling, explained Wayans, who said the cast has “so many” running jokes.

Adam (Pally) does this thing, where anybody who has glasses, he’ll ask them to come here to help him out with something and he’ll just knock their glasses off,” the comedian recalled. “It’s just funny seeing the reactions of people, because some people want to punch him and then some other people laugh. I like it when the people want to punch him. It’s funny.”

Good humor is part of what keeps the cast in harmony — especially for Wayans and Eliza Coupe, who plays his on-screen wife Jane Kerkovich-Williams. “Every morning we meet up and sleep together,” Wayans joked. “It definitely helps with the chemistry.”

“We just have really similar sense of humor,” he continued. “Once we realized we were on the same page with that, we just laughed a lot off-camera and just really got along really well and I’ve grown very fond of her. We’re really good friends [and] we always hang out. It’s just been really good and it just bleeds on the camera.”

And Wayans is not just close with Coupe — the whole Happy Endings clan has bonded. “We literally hang out,” Wayans said.

“We like to bar hop, we’ll go to each other’s houses, or watch TV…we’ll go to movies. It’s awesome…. If we’re a family, we’re like cousins,” he revealed.

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