Jewel Talks Christmas Plans, Gift Ideas for Son Kase (INTERVIEW)

More Kids for Jewel?
The singer says she's perfectly happy with one.
With the holidays fast approaching, singer-actress-author Jewel says she’s already got a few gift ideas for her 19-month-old son, Kase.

“My husband [Ty Murray] is very good with woodworking, and I’m very good with woodburning, which is my secret hidden nerd hobby,” Jewel, 38, told Celebuzz while promoting her new campaign with Pampers, Millions of Beautiful Morning Moments. “It’s where you draw with a soldering iron into wood. I thought maybe we’d make him a hope chest.”

“I was raised really poor, but we always made each other gifts,” she continued. “It never dawned on me that we were really poor except when another kid got a Madonna skirt. In general, I loved that we made gifts for each other. We learned to be very crafty. We tend to make each other gifts for the holidays.”

As for where she’ll be spending the holidays, Jewel says she and her family will stay in Texas.

“My family is coming down, and Ty’s family already live here,” she said. “I try to have everyone pitch in and do one dish so no one person is overburdened.

“When it comes to the tree I always get carried away. I’m such a Gemini, I like to have a new theme every year. I make a lot of ornaments. I do a lot of food ornaments. I use a lot of feathers or natural twine or rope. I usually do found things around the ranch.”

Recently, Jewel teamed with Pampers to launch Millions of Beautiful Morning Moments, in which Facebook users can post photos of their well-rested children and become eligible to win daily prizes — not to mention the grand prize, a gift card worth $5,000.

“I’ve really been enjoying people’s postings of what they do with their babies in the morning,” Jewel said of the campaign. “I really want to encourage people to post. A lot of my friends have been logging on trying to get the daily prize.”

For more on the campaign, visit the official Facebook page.

– Written by Nicki Gostin

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