'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Alex McCord Wonders Who's Really Behind the 'Ojai-Jinks' (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO BLOG)

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'RHOBH' Kim's Ojai Adventure
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Kim Richards
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Monday’s episode of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills highlighted the much-anticipated faceoff between Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof. Plus, Kim Richards spirited the girls off to a getaway in Ojai, Calif. But, was all really as it seemed?

Former Real Housewives of New York City castmember Alex McCord returns this week to give Celebuzz readers her inside take on the drama – as only she could.

The Couples Therapy star has already given us some insight into the need to have Adrienne and Lisa meet, but what did Alex think of the Dynasty-like meeting? Adrienne’s apparent surrender? And is Lisa being genuine?

Then, Kim planned a trip to Ojai. But, the housewife has rarely taken the lead like that before. Was she really the driving force behind the trip? Alex looks at the events of Monday’s episode, including Brandi Glanville’s own blowout with Adrienne.

Watch Alex’s blog for Episode 4 above. And agree, disagree and offer your own takes below!

Take a look back at Alex's blog for last week's episode below.

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  • Flora

    Alex thanks for the great recap! I really enjoy hearing your input on how the housewives situations are set up. And you look fabulous! All the best, xoxo.

  • Gahoy

    You think you know much more about the producers' methods than you really do. Perhaps you're conflating your own deviousness and calculatedness with the job of a producer. Amazing how wrong you are.

  • pamdryburgh

    Love how you are wearing the fancy jewels for each of these vlogs....love, love, love it! I feel your next book coming on - how to make it in reality tv. Wink! Thanks for the recap.

  • Michelle

    Kim would be smart to befriend Bradi. Brandi would be very good for Kim and she would help Kim stand up to Kyle. That would be great. I feel like Kyle & Lisa's friendship is not what it used to be. The accent joke at the dinner table. Lisa has traded Kyle for a newer model, Brandi. & I do feel Lisa was annoyedat Kyle for always having a go at her accent.Vanderpump Rules & Brandi is a smart cookie.

  • gladysknows

    Alex, first let me say that you look beautiful. Being off of RHONY is very becoming on you and congrats on your new show. Please keep up the recaps, I look forward to your vlogs and enjoy your behind the scenes opinion. More of that please! i hope this season picks-up, I'd had enough of Taylor and am looking forward to the new housewife joining the show, hopefully replacing the resident drunk Taylor. I'm proud of Kim for having an open mind with Brandi. I'm finding it painful to watch Brandi being attacked so much. I know she lacks a filter, but she is pure TV gold and I enjoy her the most. Yolanda is a bit full of herself, but I love her anyway and hope she stays awhile. Keep up the good work.

  • CJ

    Good breakdown Alex, especially your view on whether or not Kim actually planned the Ojai trip. Something was fishy about the whole thing. One thing I think and you didn't say anything is I think Kim is still drunk. She slurs her words like she was doing in Season 2 still. Everyone seems to just believe she is sober because she drinks water all the time.

  • blueisblue

    Nice recap, Alex. Where is the other new girl? Is she going to be the Jen Gilbert of BH and have most of her scenes cut because she fails to bring the drama? Adrienne came off poorly this episode. Does she not see that she's in the viewer dog house? How aware were you guys while filming of public opinion? Keep these recaps coming!

  • Amber Buckley Lyons
    Amber Buckley Lyons

    Alex, I suspect your gut instincts are right about Kim's involvement, or lack thereof, in planning the spa trip. I also think you may be on to something with the Shah's theory. I never watched Jersey Shore, but i know it featured some scantily-clad hard bodies as does SoS. You are a pretty smart cookie, I like that. The Brandi panties were surely just for the cameras ala Courtney Stoddard, yuck to both.

  • cherrylipglossb

    Aw...Kev, what nice compliments you gave Alex. What a sweet man you are and I agree with everything you said

  • Kevin Spears
    Kevin Spears

    Alex McCord I just adore you. I want to start off by thanking you for these 'behind the scenes' looks every week. You are very fluid, and it is very easy to follow you. I know you are a very busy woman with two children, your husband, your friends and work... so thank you so much for taking the time to do these videos for us! I am a fan for life. :)

  • Liza

    Thanks, Alex. I found it amusing that the gals were running around trying to figure out where they would sleep. Is that really a big deal -- does a large bedroom determine person's status on reality tv? Seems so silly that there has to be more behind it. :)

  • Jan

    I like your take on all the behind the scenes of how theese trips go down. Thank You!

  • linda

    good rundown Alex :)