The Buzz on Blu: ‘Step Up Revolution,’ ‘Sparkle’ and ‘Men in Black 3′ (VIDEO)

'Step Up' Stars Speak
Ryan Guzman, Kathryn McCormick dish about the sequel.
If like us you’re still suffering from a tryptophan hangover after consuming a quantity of turkey equal to the weight of a small child, then this might be the perfect week to pick out a few new Blu-rays.

Not unlike last week, the studios have offered a limited selection of titles, but there are a few that are worth your attention – which we’ve compiled here.

From dance battles to animated adventures, musical remakes to period retreads, check out Celebuzz’ Blu-ray picks for the week of November 27.

Lawless (Anchor Bay)

The One-Liner: Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain team up for this Prohibition-era thriller about two brothers who enlist a Chicago expert (Chastain) to help them with their bootlegging business.

Picture Perfect? A solid transfer faithfully preserves the rustic locations as well as the urban ones.

What Else Is There? An audio commentary, deleted scenes and a 21-minute featurette examines the conception of the film, and further explores the world it creates.

How Badly Do I Want It? Mixed reactions from critics makes this a rental primarily, but if you’re a Chastain completist like we are, then it’s a must-have.

Men in Black 3 (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

The One-Liner: Director Barry Sonnenfeld reunites with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones (and adds a younger Tommy Lee Jones, played by Josh Brolin) for an overdue third installment in this fun sci-fi series.

Picture Perfect? Although the 2D picture is more solid and consistent than the 3D, both are mostly successful in creating a solid visual landscape that faithfully replicates the theatrical experience.

What Else Is There? An interactive game offers a few seconds of entertainment, but a collection of featurettes and other extras delves into the process of bring MiB’s world to life.

How Badly Do I Want It? If you’re a fan of the first two films (or even just the first), this is well worth checking out as a rental, but Men in Black 3 doesn’t seem like a movie you’ll want to revisit often if it was in your library.

Paranorman (Universal Studios Home Entertainment)

The One-Liner: A creepy but charming animated feature that evokes Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas heyday.

Picture Perfect? Unsurprisingly, the film is a visual delight, and the Blu-ray transfer makes it absolutely shine, even when its characters are shrouded in the shadows.

What Else Is There? Some 41 minutes of featurettes offers an inside look at the making of the film, while a commentary track and a U-Control feature ties all of the extras together for one cohesive and complementary viewing experience.

How Badly Do I Want It? If you’re an animation fan, this film is probably a must-own, but it’s a solidly entertaining film that’s absolutely worth a rental, especially if you’re a Burton fan.

Sparkle (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)

The One-Liner: This remake offers audiences their last look at the late Whitney Houston as Jordin Sparks reinvents this song-filled film for a modern audience.

Picture Perfect? Sony does a great job of reproducing the film’s digital photography on home video, beautifully preserving the skin tones and visual textures of its musical backdrop.

What Else Is There? A 20-minute tribute to Houston anchors the extras-filled disc, which also comes with a commentary track, making-of featurettes and some extended/additional performances.

How Badly Do I Want It? Although it certainly doesn’t compare cinematically to the original, seeing Houston’s final film is certainly worth the price of admission.

Step Up Revolution (Lionsgate)

The One-Liner: Director Scott Speer continues the Step Up series in fine form with this terrific, brightly-colored cornucopia of modern dance; while hardly revolutionary in its storytelling, it’s got some of the best choreography in recent memory.

Picture Perfect? Particularly in 3D, Step Up Revolution looks stunning, offering spectacular clarity even as Speer’s camera immerses itself in the action.

What Else Is There? A commentary track, four featurettes and a breakout feature including all of the film’s flash mob sequences expand the context of the dancing in the film and showcase its incredible set pieces.

How Badly Do I Want It? If you’re a fan at all of its predecessors, this is a must-own, but it’s engaging enough to be a pleasant night even if you’re just looking for some fun.

Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive interview with Step Up Revolution stars Ryan Guzman, Kathryn McCormick and Stephen “Twitch” Boss below.

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