Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt Play Batman in ‘Justice League’ — AND ‘Man of Steel’?

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[Spoiler Alert! Seriously – Stop reading now if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises.]

Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film ended with a new Dark Knight – Joseph Gordon-Levitt – possibly taking over the cowl. (He finds himself inside the Batcave at the end of the film.) Now, it looks like Gordon-Levitt will soon get another chance to play Batman.

According to HitFix.com’s sources, The Dark Knight Rises star “absolutely will be appearing” as the Caped Crusader in Warner Bros.’ Justice League movie.

HitFix’s Drew McWeeney claims that “over the last couple of weeks,” talks regarding the actor’s involvement in the 2015 release “solidified into a plan.”

“The more insistent the drumbeat has become,” McWeeny wrote, “the more poking around I’ve been doing, and it’s looking like we may see Gordon-Levitt in the suit earlier than that.” McWeeny goes on further to imply that we’ll see JGL don the Batsuit before Justice League, most likely in an end-credits tag for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel – a move similar to what Marvel did for its films building up to its team-up movie, The Avengers.

HitFix also speculates that at least one more actor from Nolan’s Batman trilogy will roll over into Justice League “to do…something.”

Until Warner Bros. releases an official statement, consider the above to be rumor for now. Fans will see how this all pans out when Man of Steel lands in theaters June 14, 2013. Justice League is scheduled for release sometime in 2015.

Do you think this rumor is true? Is Gordon-Levitt the Batman Justice League needs and deserves? Sound off in the comments section and watch Celebuzz’ behind-the-scenes footage from Man of Steel now!

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