Bill Rancic Surprises Giuliana With Fake Tattoo in Honor of Son Duke (PHOTOS)

Giuliana's Baby Duke
Giuliana Rancic shares new photos of her son Duke.
What better way to honor your baby than with a tattoo?

That’s what Bill Rancic figured when he had his 3-month-old son Duke’s name and birth date — August 29, 2012 — inked on his left ribcage. The Apprentice winner reveals the brand-new body art to his wife, E! host Giuliana Rancic, and her parents in the latest episode of the couple’s Style Network reality show, Bill & Giuliana.

“Can I steal you for a minute? I need to show you something in private,” Bill asks his wife, seated on a couch with her parents. “It’s confidential. I’d rather do this in the other room — alone.” After Giuliana insists “there is nothing my parents can’t be a part of,” Bill says, “I got a little surprise.”

“I got a tattoo,” Bill reveals, lifting up his shirt to show off the body art. As her parents gasp in shock, Giuliana says, “Bill, are you serious? That’s actually pretty hot, honey.”

“I feel like I now need to go get a tattoo of his name,” adds Giuliana, a notion her parents immediately shoot down.

“No, we do not give permission,” her father Eduardo DePandi says.

“I’ll do it somewhere private where you don’t see it, like my inner thigh,” Giuliana retorts, garnering a resounding “No, no” from her parents.

But Bill then admits it’s all a hoax. “Take a picture, because in two days this will be gone,” he says with a laugh, receiving a round of applause from Giuliana’s mother. “It’s fake. Did you really think I would get a tattoo, Eduardo?” he asks, addressing Giuliana’s father. “I’m as straight-laced as they come.”

Still, Giuliana would have given her stamp of approval to a tat on her hubby. “I know, but it kind of could have been a cool edgy thing,” she admits.

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