Breaking News! Kate Middleton Gets Bangs

Kate's Bangin' New 'Do
Kate Middleton Gets Bangs
Kate's Fall Style
Kate Middleton Reiss Coat
Kate Middleton stuns in Reiss coat and knee-high boots. Read More »

First Jessica Biel got them. Then Beyonce was sporting frontal fringe. And now bangs have gotten the royal stamp of approval.

Kate Middleton has changed up her shiny shoulder-length locks for the first time ... well, ever.

Stepping out at the new Treasures gallery at the Natural History Museum in London on Tuesday, the posh princess made headlines for something other than her outfit (though the green Mulberry dress was another hit -- but more on that later), debuting her new bangs.

Yes, ladies, book your appointment at the hair salon now, because once the Duchess of Cambridge is behind a trend, you better believe it's going to be copied by girls around the world.

Opting for eye-grazing fringe, the Duchess' longer bangs flatter her face shape and add extra bounce to her already impossibly bouncy strands.

Of course, it didn't hurt that Middleton paired her new 'do with a new knife-pleated emerald Mulberry dress with a built-in belt and her favorite black pumps.

Showing off the versatility of the longer bangs, the Princess styled them to the side Farrah Fawcett-style and paired them with her winter staple -- a belted coat -- for another appearance with Prince William today.

Get a closer look at Kate's new 'do and her new duds in our gallery. Then tell us: What do you think of Kate's new look? Weigh in below.

Check out Hollywood's hottest haircuts in the video below.

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  • dotttie

    Kate is a beautiful women no matter what hair style she wears!!!!!

  • Angel

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  • Larry Byron
    Larry Byron

    Beautiful Girl , Becoming World's Favorite !!

  • redbaron709

    Leave the girl alone. Why do so many people envy her??? Because she's royalty? Or is it because she's pretty?

  • Dood

    I think it looks better than her husband's do.

  • ADoe

    It would look a little better if she got a few more layers to blend the bangs with the rest of her hair.

  • Danielle

    me neither...don't see a problem with her hair. It's not like she colored it purple or anything...

  • owliegrowlie

    That "do" is way too 70's!!! Especially with that dress! Yuck.

  • kim

    don't like the dress

  • kim

    she's adorable no matter what she does with her hair.

  • gimmebrk

    HATE IT! Cant see her beautiful eyes.

  • greg

    Kate would look great wearing a crewcut!

  • mike hunt
    mike hunt

    Breaking News! Kate Middleton is not all.