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Reality TV nearly destroyed their marriage, so can reality TV help save it?

This season on Vh1's Couples TherapyAlex McCord and her husband Simon van Kempen, former stars of Bravo’s Real Housewives of New York City, have struggled to fix their broken marriage. However, one has to wonder if the constant presence on cameras and television producers  led to McCord and Van Kempen's marital woes.

When it comes to reality television breakups, perhaps no couple knows the perils of "reality" more than McCord and Van Kempen. When Celebuzz asked the couple to share their reality TV lessons, McCord replied, "As far as what not to do on reality TV... don't let anyone put words in your mouth. Ever."

"They're being put there for a reason, to drive a particular storyline," she continued. "And if it's not true for you - it's not something you feel or think - don't allow yourself to be convinced by somebody wearing a headset."

Van Kempen added, "To be fair, there were things we agreed to do during Season 1 [of Real Housewives of New York City], that you say, 'Hold on, these are the professionals.' You want the show to be a success. Otherwise, why are you doing it?... I could have said no, but you're there, and you're green."

The pair's eagerness to please producers played out during three seasons of Real Housewives of New York City, adding tension to their already fragile marriage. However, for some, the decision to do reality TV can do more than hurt personal relationships - it can also ruin careers.

"Don't take it too seriously," he said. "But don't do reality TV unless you have a career or a job that isn't going to be compromised by it."

McCord agreed, adding, "Unless you have your own business, or you only ever want to have a career in the entertainment industry, don't do it... If you're in a career that does not welcome public life, then don't put your life in the public."

"That's a big risk," Van Kempen concluded. "Whether we should have or not, the jury is still out."

Catch the finale of VH1's Couples Therapy on Thursday at 10 PM on VH1. 

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  • Michelle

    I know what you mean I couldn't stop watching Couples Therapy. I had so many emotions watching that. I felt like all th couples were there for the rightreasons excet Courtney. I felt Doug was there for real reasons. Courtney parading around like a prostitute took so much away from the work being done there. I felt everyone was cheated.I truely worry for Doug. I just could not wrap my head around this teenage bundle of sex. She pouted and withered and slithered. Batting eyelashes. It was sickening. It's like she is on a nonstop penthouse shoot in her head at all times. She walks around like a cat in heat. She coulnd't sit still. It was like she was wearing a shock collar or something. It was disturbing on so many levels. Then the empty look in her eyes and face, so sad. I couldn't feel she was invested at all in Doug. Then her mother. She had the same empty look. It appeared that om feel in love with Doug's Emails & let the next best thing happen. Gave her daughter to him.I don't feel hate toward Courtney like some people dobut I just can't understand her. I do think she could be one of the most physically beautiful women ever. Although she has gone overboard on the "fake" look. Would love to see her with a more natural and age appropriate look. Alex if you were guessing her age after seeing her in person at close range how old would you have said? Again I'm sorry you were robbed of work that could have been happening rather than being on skin patrol.

  • darci

    Haha Nik Richie totally summed it up perfectly when he said Stodden is "is too young and too high on meds to even know what love is." Gaah I hate her so much yet I watch her every move - so I guess she win in the end? This whole season was definitely made that much more interesting by the fact that she was in it, I will say that. Oh and props to the show for ending this season with "Be Your Everything" by Boys Like Girls over the season highlights montage, I really love that song and I also think they did a great job of picking the best highlight clips for the montage.