'Dancing With the Stars' Winners Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani Reflect on Their Big Win: 'It Was Unreal'

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'DTWS' Season 15 Champ
Dancing With the Stars All-Stars Winner
Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani are champions. Read More »
'DTWS' Melissa & Tony
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It was a shocking turn of events on Tuesday night's finale of ABC's Dancing With the Stars: All Stars as former Bachelor contestant Melissa Rycroft and her pro dance partner Tony Dovolani were crowned champions. Appearing on Wednesday’s Good Morning America for a Dancing With the Stars after party, both contestants were unbelievably elated with their big win.

“[It was] unreal,” said Rycroft. “This whole season, I think Tony and I kind of underestimated ourselves. [We] thought we were underdogs and [it was] totally unexpected and such a surprise.”

Not only was this the first mirrorball trophy for Rycroft, but it was also the first win for Dovolani, who has danced on the show since Season 2.

The finalists, Shawn Johnson and Kelly Monaco, had both won in their respective seasons.

today so it’s just unreal.”

Dovolani, who had his daughter with him while appearing on GMA, told the anchors that this win was for her.

“Everything I do, I do for my kids,” he said.

Rycroft's husband and daughter Ava congratulated her via a special recorded message on GMA.

Appearing with Rycroft and Dovolani were fellow finalists Johnson and Derek Hough and Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy, who both discussed their final performances as well as their time on the show. In addition to their interviews, the morning program hosted DTWS themed segments throughout the broadcast, including one final dance by all three pairs on GMA’s makeshift dance floor.

Do you think Rycroft and Dovolani should have won the mirrorball? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • J.K.

    Laughable? You must be laughing at yourself then and probably because if it were such a great win then why are so many people questioning it including news and media and the calling it a big upset. I'm guessing you're not a dancer nor an athlete and you've never competed before. And you're right, it was GIVEN to them, you said it yourself. It was handed over to them because of the pity/sympathy votes and story. Just look at the Instant Dance where who got the 10's for a quick choreography without much rehearsing? Not Melissa but SHAWN! That shows who the best dancer is!. Melissa just danced the same dance the night before and she couldn't get it right. They may have won, but that mirrorball is tainted. Shawn and Derek do not need a trophy to show who was the best. Their brilliant, memorable routines will live on.

  • Josephine

    @cd5110,,, oh please.. it was not given to them because they are the only one who didn't get a trophy, it was given to them because they DESERVE to win. Melissa doesn't have as much fan base as the others and the fact that people are voting for her is because she CAN DANCE.. and she DESERVE that mirror ball trophy more than Shawn or Kelly.. @loverbouy .. you think the best did not win? well, I guess you are watching your favorite star instead of who dance better every week .. @Jena, totally agree with you! @J.K. ... your summation is laughable.. well, the best won and people have voted them despite the fact that Melissa DOESN'T have as much fan base as the rest...

  • Josephine

    It is not a shock that Melissa and Tony won.. they are the best dancers..

  • J.K.

    NO, Melissa and Tony should not have won as they were not the best. Shawn and Derek should have won it but you could see from the beginning that they wanted M&T to win from judges over scoring them when they had visible mistakes in their routine, to begging them to be in the finals and with them constantly bombarding their confessionals with "we know how it feels to lose, we don't want to feel that again" etc. Just because you haven't won before doesn't mean you "should" win. They should have created another show where the runner ups all compete and another one with just all winners. This show was rigged from the beginning for them to win. Mellissa is a good dancer but she has 22 years of dance training plus a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. Many thought this show was about people who were going out of their comfort zone to do something they haven't done before. So why is she in this competition? It's because her agent/manager is one of the producers of the show. I bet they won't allow anyone else with previous dance training. If you give Shawn Johnson at least one year of dance training, I guarantee you she'll be better than Melissa with her 22 years. So all in all, this wasn't a competition. It was a pity/sympathy competition. I love Tony and I know he hasn't won before but still.. I the couple wasn't the best, they shouldn't have won. Then fan base. Do you know how many fans Shawn and Derek have? From the Olympics to the fab five olympians, to some of Apolo's fans to Derek's sister's fans and Mark Ballas??? And they were trending all day long. Plus many calls did not go through along with the site crashing. ABC should be ashamed of themselves!!! Everyone is seeing right through this RIGGED Show. Even the ballroom was shocked when they announced the winners.

  • jena

    There was nothing shocking about this win. Anyone observant and familiar with DWTS should have noticed that 2 judges favorites THAT DIDN'T WIN were brought back for the All Stars, Sabrina and Melissa. One of them was ALWAYS going to win. It was unlikely that both would make it to the finals so it was simply which one would. Melissa did so she was the designated winner. Big hint was the judging. How many times did Bruno or Len, say something along the lines of 'don't let this girl be sent home?' Len went so far as to give Shawn Johnson a 7 and imply that she might be the one sent home because he didn't like Derek's choreography. And, seriously, Shawn and Derek in 3rd place after Monday night's performance! No one should believe that. lol The judging was a joke for most of the season. I can't count how many times Apolo was told how fantastic he danced, doing as well as the male pro dancers, only to be given a 9 or 9.5. Carrie Ann used her 'I didn't see the chemistry between you' line when it was her turn keep the score down. Fortunately, Melissa is an excellent dancer so it's not a horrible misjudgement to award her the Disco Ball but she wouldn't have won normally, she just doesn't have the fan base for it. That's why Sabrina was sent home. To have an honest win you need good scores but a huge fan base. Personally, I think Apolo should have won as he was phenomenal all season doing tremendously hard choreography and came from a background having nothing to do with dance in any way, shape or form. Once he was sent backing, it should have been Shawn Johnson. She had two obstacles to winning though - first, she had already won a season and second, Derek has won too many times and Len really doesn't like his choreography. Congrats to Melissa and Tony! As she said in almost every episode, 'she knows what it feels like to lose' and now she knows what it feels like to win.

  • cd5110

    I think Shawn and Derek were the best out there. I wonder if it was given to them because they were the only ones that hadn't won. I was very disappointed..

  • loverbouy

    Once again the best did not win......not surprised since its the theme this year......................