Halle Berry Custody Battle: 'Stop Being Narcissists and Start Thinking About the Child First,' Says Jane Velez-Mitchell (VIDEO)

Halle: Restraining Order?
Halle Berry to seek retraining order against Gabriel Aubry. Read More »

Do you think it’s right for Gabriel Aubry to not be allowed to see his daughter following the Thanksgiving day fight? Should Halle Berry be able to move to France with her and Aubry’s daughter, Nahla?

Following the brutal brawl on Nov. 22 between Berry's ex, Aubry, and fiancee Olivier Martinez, a judge has issued a permanent restraining order for Aubry against Martinez. A temporary restraining order, set to expire on Nov. 29, is currently in place also keeping Aubry at least 100 yards from Berry, Martinez, and 4-year-old Nahla, which Aubry fought on Nov. 27 to have lifted, but the judge denied his request.

For more insight into the custody battle brewing between Berry and Aubry, Celebuzz turned to HLN host, Jane Velez-Mitchell, who digs into the legal aspects of the case and whether Berry should be allowed to move to France with Nahla.

“No, she should not be allowed to just move to France and a judge reportedly agreed with my position. You can’t just pick up and take off with your child and expect the other person, the ex, to follow you wherever you’re going. That’s not fair,” said Velez-Mitchell.

“Gabriel has reportedly said he’s always wanted 50/50 custody and Halle Berry wanted primary custody. You have to ask yourself, is that fair to a child to say ‘honey, you should not have access a good percentage of time to your own dad?'”

Both Aubry and Martinez suffered injuries as a result of the violent fight and were taken to the ER after the brawl. Aubry’s attorney has since released photos of the 36-year-old model with black-and-blue bruises and swelling to both eyes, while Martinez was seen exiting Cedars Sinai Medical Center in L.A. on Nov. 27 with a brace on his right hand.

“This is an abomination for three adults to be behaving this way over a four-year-old child. She seems like the adult in this situation. This has got to leave her very traumatized," Velez-Mitchell said, adding they need to start acting like adults for the sake of their young daughter.

"The only way these three adults can clean up this mess is stop being narcissists and start thinking about the child first, not where you want to live, but what is best for this child. What is best for this child is to have peace between her mommy and daddy.”

Catch Velez-Mitchell on her hit show Jane Velez-Mitchell airing at 7 PM EST on HLN. Check out HLNtv.com for more details.

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  • AP

    Olivier had no business confonting Gabriel.He was there to drop his daughter not to have a dialogue with the violent moron.the court already decided in favor of Gabriel.beating him up its not the best way to persuade him to change his mind.Halle should be concern how violent olivier can get when he got angry.he might beat her up too for he has no restraint at all.

  • Nngstctually

    So thing didn't work out between Hallie and Aubry. Nalia is still both of their child. You can't cut her in half so both parents need to start getting along for her sake. It is clear that they both love her, but moving her out of the country away from her father or keeping him from her with legal garbage is only going to disrupt her life. He's part of her life whether Hallie likes it or not. For your baby's sake, stop the war.