Kelsey Grammer, Kayte Walsh Made ‘Unsafe Decision’ by Not Putting Daughter Faith in a Car Seat, Says Child Expert

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Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Walsh made an “unsafe decision” when they allegedly transported their four-month-old daughter Faith from LAX without using a car seat, according to Child and Teen Development Specialist Dr. Robyn Silverman.

“I think that when people see that there’s no car seat, they have a choice to make,” Silverman told Celebuzz on Wednesday. “One choice means getting into a car and driving what is perceived as ‘unsafely’ but in their heads they believe it’s gonna be safe. Or, to take the time, which they know is gonna be a hassle, and find out where they’re gonna get a car seat.”

“I understand, as a parent, that it can be frustrating to take the long way, but in this case, the risk is just too high,” she continued. “When you’re faced with this type of decision, you really do need to pick safety over convenience.”

Silverman was referring to an incident that took place on Tuesday, in which Walsh was videotaped holding Faith on her lap as the couple’s black SUV pulled away from the curb at LAX.

Despite evidence to the contrary, a rep for Grammer later shot down all reports, insisting there was a car seat inside the SUV all along.

Whatever actually happened during the alleged incident — which, if proven to be true, would be an automatic violation of California State Law — remains unclear.

For now, Dr. Silverman says the focus should remain on the safety of the child.

“There was an accident [mentioned] in the Post — I think it was yesterday — that said a baby was thrown from a car and wasn’t in the car seat …” she said. “The baby was actually thrown from the car and is now in the hospital. It’s pretty serious when things don’t go the right way.”

“Had anything happened to [Faith], we would have been having a much different conversation.”

Grammar and Walsh, who were married in 2011, then again over the summer, were previously under fire for taking Faith to a Halloween party at the Playboy Mansion in October.

“Kayte is breast-feeding, and we do not have a nanny or a trusted babysitter at this time, so Faith goes everywhere with us,” Grammer later told the New York Daily News in response to the outcry.

To learn more about Dr. Robyn Silverman, visit her official website.

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