One Direction and The Wanted’s Feud Continues: Max George Isn’t Worried About Face-Off With Zayn Malik

And the war wages on between One Direction and The Wanted.

The two British boy bands are showing no signs of reconciliation 1D’s Zayn Malik called The Wanted’s Max George several names — including “geek,” “clown” and “chlamydia boy” — on Twitter this past weekend. The Wanted singer told Radio 955 on Tuesday, “I’m not sure what his problem is, to be honest.” 

“It started off that I thought we were just having a bit of banter, but he seemed to get a bit serious,” he added.

The Twitter feud eventually escalated into George asking Malik to talk to him face-to-face instead of being surrounded by his security guards the next time they meet in New York City.

“Tell me you’re problems without the 8 security in NYC.. The only problem I have with you is the s**t banter. Grow up son,” he tweeted. 

Malik appeared to be delighted by the prospect of talking — or perhaps fighting — with George in New York next week, tweeting: “I’d f**king love to, see you in New York big man ha u clown.”

However, George says he never intended to fight with Malik., insisting he just wants to sort things out between the two bands.

I tried to palm it off as being friendly again, but you can only take so many insults and eventually I just said, ‘Alright listen, if you’ve got a problem, come and see me in New York when we’re there doing a gig together and we’ll sort it out,'” he said.

His bandmate Jay McGuinness,  meanwhile, insisted Malik’s allegations of George having a sexually transmitted infection are  false. “It’s like when kids in the playground go ‘Poo Breath!’ Rarely has that kid actually eaten feces. I think he was just taking a stab in the dark.”

Of course, George took one more opportunity to throw a dig at his younger rival. “I think he’s probably just finished Sex Ed so he’s like, ‘Yeah whooo!'”

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