Robert Pattinson Doesn’t Listen to One Direction, Says He ‘Loves’ Westlife Instead

Robert Pattinson may not look like much of a pop music fan, but it turns out the Twilight hunk does have a preference when it comes to his favorite British boy band.

“Westlife, definitely,” he told MSN. “Westlife are one of my favorite bands.”

However, when asked about current British hitmakers One Direction, Pattinson made a shocking confession: “I actually don’t know any songs that One Direction have done. I’ve just seen pictures of them all the time.”

Clearly, Pattinson won’t be serenading his girlfriend Kristen Stewart with the band’s hit single, “Little Things,” any time soon.

But One Direction shouldn’t take Pattinson’s diss to heart. After all, they have plenty of celebrity fans, including Kelly Clarkson — who gifted the lads with a song (“Tell Me a Lie”) on their debut album, Katy Perry and even Sir Paul McCartney.

Most recently, legendary Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger compared 1D mania to the Rolling Stones hysteria during the 1960s.

“It reminded me very much of our early concerts,” Jagger told CNN after seeing One Direction perform perform on television. “We were pushed around among the audience, and I remember feeling that same uncomfortable feeling of being pushed around about 50 years ago.”

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