Tegan and Sara Debut ‘Closer’ Music Video Filled With Kissing, Camping and Karaoke (VIDEO)

Canadian musicians Tegan and Sara have just unveiled a fun and flirty new music video for their first Heartthrob single, “Closer” — and the new clip does not shy away from any hot and heavy make-out sessions.

“It was time to shake things up,” Tegan Quin told SPIN of the 90s-inspired video in April.

After the taping, twin sister and fellow bandmate Sara Quin gushed to the mag about her days partying in grungy clothes and friends’ basements — giving an inside explanation of how “Closer” was inspired.

“The hope with this video was to capture some of the youthful naïveté present during those years, before death and taxes and weird arthritic aches in joints (I am getting so old),” she explained.

“The treatment was inspired by our childhood friends, the still remarkable television show My So-Called Life and, most importantly, our love of karaoke.”

But there is one other little secret the 32-year-old revealed about a modern fashion wonder that made the Isaac Rentz-direct video complete: Spanx.

“Spanx were there to keep me from turning this good times video into an R-rated spectacle (see: tramoline scene),” Sara added.

Watch the video above to see a new side of Tegan and Sara. ‘Heartthrob’ is due in stores January 29, 2013 with the album pre-order available now.

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