‘The Voice’ Coach Cee Lo Green Offers Advice to Cody Belew: Don’t Lose My Number (VIDEO)

Cee Lo Green takes his job of coaching NBC’s  The Voice very seriously. When he scours for talent to make up his team in the earliest Blind Audition rounds, he isn’t simply looking for someone who can sing on-pitch, key, and in proper register at all times; he is also looking for a unique sound because those are the artists who usually come with unique visions.

Green himself is a creative type who has admitted to feeling different, almost an underdog, when he was growing up. No one looked like him, let alone sounded like him. And now that he is in a position of power and authority, he pays it forward by lending a helping hand to others that remind him of himself.

“You can’t advise someone to be different; they just have to be. I’m glad I’m able to distinguish what can be different in a very palatable and practical way, you know?” Green said when Celebuzz caught up with him on the red carpet of The Voice in Los Angeles, Calif.

“Everyone’s looking for…an opportunity, a springboard to splash over to be themselves, who they are,” he said. “I believe we need that. But then [other] people just want to live vicariously; some people just want to be fans of other people; they want to look and gawk and whatever, but I believe we, the real people, represent a quiet majority, and I’m here to give a voice to those people, and that’s what I do.”

Green’s strategy of looking for authenticity and creativity in his artists awarded him the honor of being the only coach in the competition to have three team members remaining in the Top 8. Each guy has a completely different sound and a completely different story, but the common goal is they all want to put out positive energy into the world, using music to bring people together and help others as the art form has helped them.

Unfortunately, Green did lose one of his men during the Top 8 eliminations, but it was not cause for crying on the post-show carpet. Instead, Green insisted Cody Belew would be fine because his coach would always have his back.

“My advice to Cody is not to lose my number!” Green said. “Or lose sight of the support and the success that we have had here together…To remember my words and know they are true. I’m going to see him through because I believe he’s well-suited to be a star on the larger stage, and I’m going to see it through. I’m going to see it through for a few of my people, trust me. It just takes a little time.”

The Voice airs on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 PM on NBC.

Watch our full chat with the coach above.

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