‘A Fairly Odd Christmas’ Stars Drake Bell and Daniella Monet: Timmy ‘Upsets Santa’ (VIDEO)

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Timmy Turner (Drake Bell) is celebrating the holidays with a new Nickelodeon special, A Fairly Odd Christmas, the sequel to the 2011 live action movie, A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner.

And in this new holiday adventure, Timmy is getting in some trouble… with Santa!

“We start where the last movie left off [and] we get our business wishful thinking,” Bell told Celebuzz when he stopped by our studios with his co-star Daniella Monet to talk about the project.

“Timmy promises to use his wishes only for the benefit of others and not to use them for himself but Timmy kind of goes overboard and starts granting everyone’s wishes,” he explained. “So even if you shouldn’t get that wish, he grants it anyways … he kind of upsets Santa because that’s really Santa’s job.”

Bell, who plays the live–action Timmy Turner explained, “Timmy has to go up to the North Pole and have a word with Santa and calamity ensues and Timmy has to end up saving Christmas.”

Bell and Monet both promised a lot of action and adventure in the new special including stunts they performed themselves on a candy cane zip line, and an Indiana Jones-type bridge.

“It was really, really worth it because I think it’s going to look so real and [it’s] our honest reactions,” said Monet. “[When] I saw the bridge, I was like ‘Oh, It’s actually very high up and a very poorly made bridge’ – our reactions were not acting.”

In addition to action and adventure, the stars also promised some developments in Timmy and Tootie’s (Monet) relationship.

“Tootie and Timmy’s relationship has blossomed in this one,” said Bell, 26. “In the first one he was kind of falling for her but wasn’t sure because he was going to lose the fairly godparents. So, this was a nice progression into seeing where they might end up.”

Watch the duo’s entire interview above.

A Fairly Odd Christmas airs Thursday at 7 PM on Nickelodeon.

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