Emma Fitzpatrick Crushes ‘Scream Queen’ Cliches as Elena in ‘The Collection’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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In the 2009 film The Collector, the tables turn on a thief after he infiltrates a house that happens to be owned by a deadly serial killer. Three years later in The Collection, the killer and that same criminal find themselves pitted against each another yet again, with one obstacle in their way: Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick), a scrappy young woman who’s tough enough to take both of them on.

In a new featurette exclusive to Celebuzz, Fitzpatrick introduces her character, a newcomer to the series who turns “scream queens” on their ear after she transforms from a potential victim not just into a force to be reckoned with, but a rescuer even to others who would fall prey to The Collector’s machinations.

Director Marcus Dunstan described Elena as an “Audrey Hepburn” type, and explained how Fitzpatrick helped her become “a girl who becomes a forged woman through fire.” Evidenced by footage of Fitzpatrick and her co-stars running through burning buildings, Dunstan seems to mean this literally.

Watch the featurette, which introduces not just a great horror heroine, but a terrific young actress who seems destined to go on to bigger and more complex projects – after she thoroughly kicks The Collector’s ass, that is.

The Collection opens in theaters November 30. Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive interview with Emma Fitzpatrick from the 2012 Fantastic Fest film festival below.

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