Gabriel Aubry's Family 'Hopes Things Get Better' Between Aubry and Ex Halle Berry (EXCLUSIVE)

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As the relationship between exes Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry continues to spiral, family members close to the Canadian model say they hope things get better between the former couple.

"He misses his daughter more than anything," a family member, who wished to remain anonymous, told Celebuzz on Wednesday, referring to the couple's four-year-old child, Nahla.

Berry and Aubry's ongoing custody battle took a turn for the worse on Thanksgiving day, when Aubry got into a violent altercation with Berry's current fiance, actor Olivier Martinez.

The fight left Aubry, 37, visibly bruised and beaten, as shown in graphic images that were posted online.

The images were especially hard to see for members of Aubry's family, but they remain positive about his recovery.

"He's tough. He had some bad injuries, but he'll be okay," the family member told Celebuzz.

"He's badly hurt, but he will be fine," they added.

Aubry's family aren't the only ones wishing for peace between the two parents.

Earlier this week, Celebuzz spoke to Berry's mother, Judith Hawkins, who said that she wants the years-long custody battle over her granddaughter to come to an end.

“I hope that things get better, I really hope that they do; they have got to get better,” she said.

Aubry was arrested and booked on misdemeanor battery charges following his Thanksgiving-day brawl with Martinez. Berry subsequently obtained a emergency protection order against her ex, which stated Aubry couldn't go within 100 yards of Berry, Nahla or Martinez.

For months, Aubry, Berry and Martinez have been at the center of a nasty battle over where Nahla is to be raised. Earlier this year, Berry made a plea in court to move Nahla to France, the home country of Martinez, to avoid the paparazzi.

The request was denied by a judge in November.

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However, a judge ruled Tuesday that Aubry will be allowed to resume visitation with Nahla, with unspecified precautions in place to protect her safety.

What do you want to happen between Aubry and Berry? Weigh in below.



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  • Jill

    Halle Berry is a vindictive, spiteful, selfish mother who set up the whole fight after she lost the bid to take daughter to France! She had her own child's father beaten to a pulp which was pre-meditated, she lied to the cops and framed him. And how convenient, a woman who is obsessed with security, has no footage of the fight!? She should go to jail for planning and plotting this disgusting crime. She should lose custody and seek major therapy for doing this to Gabriel and poor Nahla. What man would start a fight after he just won a major battle in court? And why does he have ZERO scratches on his hands? And WHY would he beg for the security tapes??? The cops are morons being swayed by her fame, lies and money! Look at the facts and his injuries!!!

  • eli-7

    stop the madness,,,,work it out for the kid