Gabriel Aubry’s Thanksgiving Fight With Olivier Martinez Could Cost Him $20K Per Month in Child Support From Ex Halle Berry, Says Lawyer

Halle's Mother Speaks
Judith Hawkins weighs in on the fight between Aubry and Martinez.
Gabriel's Black Eye
Halle Berry's ex emerges after fight with Olivier Martinez.
Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez’s Thanksgiving brawl could end up costing the male model thousands of dollars in child support payments, Celebuzz has learned.

Halle Berry’s battered ex-boyfriend is currently receiving $20k a month from the Oscar winner — but that could all change if the actress next heads back to court.

And Los Angeles attorney Mychal Wilson, who specializes in family and entertainment law, believes that Aubry “set himself-up” by getting involved in the violent scrap with Berry’s fiancee.

“He really set himself up and gave Halle Berry an advantage because her attorneys can now claim that he has temper issues and can apply for a permanent restraining order the next time they go to court,” Wilson told Celebuzz.

“The maximum they could get would be three years,” he added, “and that would mean that she would no longer be obliged to pay him the $240,000 a year that he currently is receiving because he would no longer be looking after [their daughter] Nahla.

“But the whole key to this mess is that the judge is going to do what is in the best interests of their daughter Nahla by making sure that she does not suffer any emotional or physical trauma here.”

And Berry and Martinez are fully expected to head back to court on Thursday in Los Angeles as they try to take a legal advantage from the Thanksgiving fight at the Oscar winner’s Hollywood Hills home.

“It is most likely that the court will extend the temporary restraining order until Aubry completes anger management and or parenting classes following the Thanksgiving fight. During this extension Berry will not have to pay him anything until more permanent arrangements are made,” predicted Wilson.

Following the fight last week, Berry got a restraining order against Aubry preventing him going within 100 yards of her, Nahla or Martinez — which will remain in place until Nov. 29, whereby the actress must go back to court to get an extension.

Aubry, who obtained his own restraining order against Martinez since the fight, claimed in court papers obtained by TMZ that the actor screamed that Berry’s ex has cost the couple $3 million to fight the custody battle over Nahla after a judge blocked their move to take Nahla to Paris, France.

“Money is clearly a contentious issue here,” added Wilson. “There are a lot of bad feelings, but Aubry has given Berry’s lawyers ammunition to work with because of the fight.

“They are going to try and paint him in a certain light, although it does not look like he will be prosecuted for battery in the actual fight because the CCTV cameras did not capture anything and the authorities will likely view it as a mutual fight.

“The judge will try and keep the focus on Nahla, but potentially this could cost Aubry a lot of money and he will have to comply with whatever the court orders.”

Berry and Aubry currently have joint legal and physical custody of their daughter Nahla, and in June a Los Angeles judge ordered that the actress would have to pay him $20,000 a month in child support payments. Aubry reportedly earned $700,000 a year from modeling gigs, which was dwarfed by Berry’s movie and commercial earnings, which have reportedly amassed her a $70 million fortune.

The couple split in April 2010 after dating for close to five years and she got engaged to Martinez in January after dating for one year.

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