‘Killing Them Softly’: What The Critics Are Saying

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Brad Pitt returns to the big screen playing against type as a mob enforcer in director Andrew Dominik’s violent crime thriller, Killing Them Softly.

Based on the novel Cogan’s Trade, Soflty stars Pitt as a man hunting down two crooks who ripped off a Mob-backed card game. While Pitt may be a newcomer to the gangster genre, most of his co-stars are not. The Sopranos’ James Gandolfini  and Goodfellas’s Ray Liotta also star.

So how does Pitt’s latest fare with the critics? Read on to find out…

Despite the reteaming of critical favorite Dominik with his Assassination of Jesse James leading man, reactions to the film are decidedly mixed.

The film’s story and pacing are baring the brunt of the critical barrage, while Pitt and the strong supporting cast are coming out relatively unscathed.

Those expecting another Moneyball-sized hit for the star may want to start tempering their expectations.

Celebuzz has rounded up a cross section of critics’ reviews from across the country to help audiences make their ticket-buying decisions for the weekend.

A.O. ScottThe New York Times

Killing Them Softly is more concerned with conjuring an aura of meaningfulness than with actually meaning anything. It takes place entirely in a universe of tropes and archetypes, which is a polite way of saying clichés and pretensions.”

Allison WilmoreMovieline.com

“Dominik shows an open appreciation for his actors and for the way tough guys, aspiring and genuine, talk to each other – and Killing Them Softly is as much centered around talking as it is action. Pitt, playing a practical know-it-all who falls somewhere between Rusty Ryan and Tyler Durden, is terribly entertaining…”

Roger EbertChicago Sun-Times

Killing Them Softly continues as a dismal, dreary series of cruel and painful murders… It seems as if I’ve been seeing versions of this story since forever. “

Peter TraversRolling Stone

“The acting is aces, especially Pitt mixing it up with the superb James Gandolfini, as an assassin losing his game to hooch and hookers. They make this movie a potently nasty provocation.”

Karina LongworthVillage Voice

“It’s a movie that shows, and then tells, tells, and tells again, its vibrant conjuring of contemporary cynicism felled by Dominik’s lack of faith in his audience’s ability to connect thematic dots.”

Will you see Killing Them Softly this weekend? Sound off in the comments, and to tide you over, watch the film’s trailer on Celebuzz!

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