Lindsay Lohan Arrested Following Late-Night Fight at NYC Club (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan's Legal woes
Looks back at Lindsay's years of trouble.
lohan may get charged
The actress may face charges of lying to the cops.
Lindsay Lohan is back in cuffs.

The actress was arrested early Thursday morning and charged with a third-degree misdemeanor assault after allegedly punching a woman during a late-night altercation at a nightclub in New York City, according to TMZ.

At club Avenue in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, a scuffle reportedly sparked between Lohan and a fellow female patron after the two got into an argument. The woman — who New York’s Daily News identifies as Tiffany Eve Mitchell, 28, of West Palm Beach, Fla., who was with her husband at Avenue — was reportedly seated at a separate private booth in the swanky spot.

Lohan and Mitchell got into a war of words after the star allegedly said something along the lines of “Give me space.” After some time passed, police say the spat turned physical, with Lohan punching the female patron on the left side of her face.

By the time the police arrived on the scene, Lohan had exited the venue and was being whisked away in a car. But cops swiftly intercepted the vehicle and arrested Lohan around 4 AM EST for the alleged assault. Hours later, Lohan left 10th Precinct police station after she was booked for a third-degree misdemeanor assault.

And this isn’t the Liz & Dick star’s only legal woe as of late. Lohan may face a misdemeanor charge of lying to police in connection to her recent car crash in Los Angeles, Calif.

In June, Lohan was hospitalized after her black Porsche slammed into the rear of an 18-wheeler on the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, leaving her car totaled. Though at the time her rep claimed Lohan was cooperative with police, a Santa Monica City Attorney is reportedly prepared to file a case against claiming the ever-embattled star lied to officials — the allegation being Lohan said she was not driving her vehicle at the time of the accident, even though eyewitnesses claim she was in fact behind the wheel.