Lindsay Lohan Arrested: ‘She’s in God’s Hands Now and They’re a Hell of A Lot Worse Than Mine,’ Says Dad (VIDEO)

Lohan Charged for 3 Crimes
The star will be charged for 3 crimes for her car accident.
After Lindsay Lohan’s latest arrest, her father is not coming to her rescue – or her defense.

In fact, Michael Lohan told Celebuzz he’s leaving her fate up to God.

“I’ve done all I can do,” Michael said, adding he hasn’t spoken to his 26-year-old daughter since her arrest this morning. “If she doesn’t get it by now, forget it. If she doesn’t see the signs, it’s horrible.

“She’s in God’s hands now and they’re a hell of a lot worse than mine.”

While Michael is making statements about his daughter’s latest run-in with the law, Lindsay’s mother and manager Dina Lohan is speaking out about his comments, imploring him to “stop injecting yourself into every story,” she said in a statement to Entertainment Tonight.

“While I cannot, and will not comment on open legal matters involving my daughter who I love dearly, I will respond to her father’s latest media grabbing headlines. Instead of rushing to a camera or a microphone, wouldn’t my ex’s alleged parental concerns to protect our daughter be better served by handling her challenges privately,” Dina said in the statement.

“Why would Lindsay trust a parent who tapes and sells her private recordings, a father who shows up by himself with a television crew to force his entry into her home for an ‘intervention’, an ‘intervention’ I KNEW NOTHING ABOUT,” she continued. “Before you go to the press a minute after our daughter’s headlines hits the airwaves, take a pause Michael, stop injecting yourself into every story, as this once again proves to your daughter, your sole desperate agenda is in keeping yourself relevant.”

The Liz & Dick actress was taken into New York Police Department custody early Thursday morning. She was charged with a third degree misdemeanor assault after allegedly punching Tiffany Eve Mitchell during a late-night altercation at Avenue nightclub in the Chelsea neighborhood.

The fight started when Lindsay allegedly told the 28-year-old, who was sitting at a nearby table, to “Give [her] space.” The war of words turned physical with the embattled actress allegedly punched the female patron on the left side of her face.

Lindsay was cuffed when the police stopped her car as she left the venue.

This is the second time Lindsay has been taken into custody in NYC over the last few months. In September, she was arrested for an alleged hit-and-run in front of the Dream hotel.

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