Lindsay Lohan’s Troubled Timeline: A Look Back at Her Many Public Hiccups (GALLERY)

Lindsay Lohan Arrested
The actress is charged with third-degree assault.
Insert your heavy sigh here: Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Thursday morning after she allegedly assaulted a woman (now identified as Tiffany Eve Mitchell, 28) at a nightclub in New York City.

The incident, which occurred around 4AM, landed the 26-year-old actress with a charge of third-degree misdemeanor assault, another court date (Jan. 11) and a whole lot of potential headaches in her not-so-distant future.

And the timing couldn’t have been worse worse. Hours after the arrest, it was reported that Lohan — who remains on informal probation following an incident in which she allegedly stole a necklace from an LA-area jeweler — will be charged with three crimes on Thursday for her part in a June car crash, in which she slammed her black Porsche into the back of a big-rig.

The charges include giving false information to a police officer; obstructing or resisting a police officer in the performance of his duty; and reckless driving.

Of course, these are just two of many arrests and incidents that have involved Lohan over the years. In fact, since 2006, it seems as if the former star of Mean Girls has gotten herself into trouble more often than not.

What will happen to her this time around?

As we await to find out, click through the gallery, above, to relive Lohan’s troubled timeline, from stints in the hospital, to her many mugshots and court appearances.

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