‘Real Housewives of Miami’ Star Karent Sierra Calls Ana Quincoces’ Party Foul ‘Completely out of Line’ (VIDEO)

The drama on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Miami is only just beginning.

Joanna Krupa and Adriana De Moura aren’t the only feuding housewives in the bunch. After Ana Quincoces sparred off with Karent Sierra’s good friend Thomas Kramer during a dinner party, things between the two housewives became tense.

“Thomas has a very vivacious personality… and he can be over the top. I’m the first to admit it. But up to that point, he had asked Ana five times to, very politely, to be quiet,” Sierra told Celebuzz. “Now, if a host  and owner of the home is asking you politely, ‘Please be quiet,’ the way she answered him was completely out of line.”

“Maybe when people are not in a good place in their life and they see someone so happy, they might not like them,” added fellow housewife Lisa Hochstein, who tried her best to defuse tension the night of Kramer’s party. “Ana is going through a divorce and embarking on a new journey, so maybe all of that is making her not-so-comfortable in her life right now. So she looks at [Karent] and is like, ‘Oh, look at her. She’s so happy. I hate her!'”

However, Quincoces says it was Kramer who was out of line the night of Sierra and Kramer’s disastrous dinner party.

“As a mom of girls, I felt like I had to set an example,” Quincoces previously told Celebuzz. “I won’t draw first blood,” she said. “And I won’t attack unless I’m put against the wall. In that situation, somebody threw me out of their house and was offensive to women in general.”

Real Housewives of Miami airs Thursdays at 9PM ET on Bravo.

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