Flashback Friday: Brad Pitt in ‘Thelma and Louise’ (VIDEO)

Brad Pitt is the creme de la creme of household names.

As one of America’s most-loved and most-crushed upon superstars, his recognition is largely due to to his picture-perfect looks. However, Pitt supersedes all of that hype with a versatile repertoire and pristine acting skills that are hard to match.

From his portrayal of hardworking baseball manager Billy Beane in real-life success story Moneyball to Detective David Mills in serial killer thriller Seven, Pitt’s ability to execute a broad range of roles gives him major street cred in Hollywood.

This Friday, Pitt adds to the impressive list as he morphs into Jackie, a no frills hit man sent to take out a group of crooks who robbed a Mob-backed card game in Killing Them Softly.

In honor of his new movie’s release, we got to thinking about Pitt’s first big role.

The Academy Award-nominated actor got his big break back in 1991 with a supporting role in Thelma and Louise, a neo-feminist, on-the-road classic about two friends who flee town after shooting and killing a rapist.

Pitt plays J.D., a friendly hitchhiker who seduces Thelma (Geena Davis) before robbing them blind.

In this scene, J.D tips a cowboy hat and flashes a cheeky smile in hopes of sweet-talking Thelma and Louise (Susan Sarandon) into letting him hitch a ride.

Check out the film that introduced Brad Pitt to the world in the clip above.