Heidi Montag Shows Off Her Bikini Body in Santa Barbara (PHOTOS)

heidi's white-hot!

It’s no secret that Heidi Montag loves going to the beach.

On Thursday, the 26-year-old took to the sand and ocean in Santa Barbara, Calif., where she showed off her bikini body in a all-white ensemble.

Montag, who hit the beach solo, divided her afternoon between soaking up the sun and reading Dalton Fury’s latest thriller, Black Site: A Delta Force Novel.

Just two weeks ago, the former Hills star was spotted in Santa Monica, where she enjoyed some beach time in a blue bikini. Earlier in the month, Montag sported a revealing red ensemble during another beach outing.

Last week, Montag held a big dinner for her nearest and dearest -- and she got a head start on preparations for the feast.

“I have been cooking for 6 hours,” she wrote on Twitter Thanksgiving eve.

“I am thankful for all you! Lots of blessings, love, and joy!” she added.

For more of Heidi Montag’s latest beach outing, check out the gallery above. What do you think of her bikini choice this time? Share your thoughts below.

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  • Albert Wayne
    Albert Wayne

    Seriously is your website so hard up that they feature a plastic nobody? She isn't a celeb and never was.

  • onderon

    poor girl. she was a cutie when she was a teenager, now with all that surgery she is just a freak, with nice body and ugly boobs. i like her abs tho. thats sexy.

  • Camille

    It is the most stupid woman I've ever seen, poor!

  • Stacey

    Ummm...she does not know how to model. Her poses are stiff and posed...and she looks very fake. #notjelly

  • Jackie

    2 Things. 1) Whats with the giant black spot on her boob... just wondering. 2) I liked her better when she wasn't plastic

  • Kate

    Oh whatever.. She looks great!! Haters gonna hate (and normally don't look half as good ;) ).

  • target

    LOL... Sounds a bit mean, but DAMMN thats a good comeback. lol

  • Letty Garcia
    Letty Garcia

    It's wonderful to be proud and flaunt your beautyful body Especially when it's 100% Natural!!!

  • AlaBella

    Those boobs are way too big for her frame