‘Killer Karaoke’ Co-Host Tara Beaulieu Defends the Game Show: ‘We Don’t Hurt Animals’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Tru TV’s Killer Karaoke puts contestants in the most dangerous situations with all sorts of animals – snakes and skunks to name a few – while getting them to sing a song. But recently multiple petitions have indicated the reality show is responsible for hurting animals, specifically pet snakes, during its crazy segments.

“I never saw any animals being harmed,” Tara Beaulieu, Steve-O‘s co-host, told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview. “I was backstage with all the animals before and after filming and they were fine.”

She continued, “I am passionate about the correct treatment of animals and if I had seen anything to do with what has been alleged, I would have quit the show. Bottom line is, it never happened.”

The petitions against the show on Change.org and thepetitionsite.com have been supported by a Facebook page. They accuse the show of harming the non-acquatic snakes by submerging them in frigid water and subjecting them to the contestant’s thrashing.

“Animals were more safe than we were, actually,” clarified the Australian model and actress. “I fractured my hand while

Beaulieu injured her hand on the first day of filming when protecting a contestant from falling, after the contestant had jumped back when putting her head in a skunk-filled tank.

“I didn’t tell the production staff because I didn’t want to get fired,” said the 28-year-old who has also acted as Lindsay Lohan’s double on Glee. “I’m pretty tough. I have broken bones before, so a hand fracture was nothing!”

Killer Karaoke airs Fridays at 9 PM on Tru TV.

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