'Vampire Diaries' Recap: Damon, Elena and a Pageant of Love and Friendship

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While the young ladies of Mystic Falls donned their prettiest dresses for the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, and Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas made an appearance on Thursday’s episode of The CW’s The Vampire Diaries, there were some MAJOR developments for Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

But the newbie vamp’s relationship with the sexy Salvatore wasn’t the only one which saw some progression on Thursday’s episode.

Note: Major spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Thursday’s episode, “My Brother’s Keeper.”

Sired for sex? OK, “Delena,” fans take a breath and soak it in, because this is the moment that you’ve been waiting on for four seasons… Elena and Damon slept together. The problem is Caroline (Candice Accola) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) have an inkling that these feelings that Elena has for the “sneaky” Salvatore are a result of her being sired to Damon. Could this be true? Of course, it’s totally possible but I’m going to stick with this being just a theory for now. Though it’s also a theory I can’t believe I never thought of.

Damon, uh god.” I am kind of obsessed with their friendship.

Klaroline. Damon and Elena’s relationship wasn’t the only one developing during Miss Mystic Falls. Though Caroline only agreed to attend the event with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to keep up Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) plan and fufill her promise to have a date, the pair shared some poignant moments within the hour. With him opening up to her about the only moment he ever wanted to be human and teasing her by reading her Miss Mystic Falls application aloud, I could totally see this actually happening. I say, let’s do it. The duo have a good chemistry together. Also, the strings playing “Falling Slowly” from the film, Once, during their scene pretty much stole my heart.

Super Slayer Strength. Jeremy  (Stephen R. McQueen) the vampire slayer has got super strength and energy now that his hunter potential has been awakened. Too bad most of his friends are vampires. In the name of love and by Klaus’ order, Stefan gets Jeremy to kill a newborn vamp. But as his tattoo grows , so does his urge to kill the undead – especially his sister. With just two kills under his belt, he’s already thinking like "Connor 2.0." And within the course of the episode, he attacks both his sister and Stefan. Seeing his difficulty in the situation, Elena takes it upon herself to move out of the house and tells Matt (Zach Roerig) to move in.

Hayley’s secret. Well wouldn’t you know it, the two newbies in town – Hayley and Professor Shane (David Alpay) – are in cahoots. Apparently breaking the hybrids of their sire bonds to Klaus is all a part of the plan, though Tyler of course knows nothing of that. Professor Shane also clued Damon in that whatever the hunter’s mark map leads to, only the magic of a Bennett witch can unlock it. Looks like Bonnie's (Kat Graham) role just got bigger!

And the next Miss Mystic Falls is…. April Young (Grace Phipps).

Buzz Moments:

OMG: UM, ELENA AND DAMON SLEPT TOGETHER! And WHAT? He’s probably her sire?!?! Bananas.

Thank you, TV gods.: Can I use that last five minutes for all of our buzz moments? I’m pretty sure “Delena” fans are watching those last scenes on repeat for the rest of their night.

Awk-ward: “Hey boys, I’m moving in!” Stefan’s exit as Elena let he and Damon know she would be living with them was awkward to say the very least. It was also kind of sad.

Hotness: Again, Elena and Damon’s bedroom romp has to take this. Though, Wesley opening the episode with push ups comes in a close second.

Fab-u-lous: I was loving everything about Dobrev’s look at Miss Mystic Falls from the dress to the earrings to the fishtail braid. While I have yet to be able to find where to get that dress, the earrings are here.

Can. Not. Wait.: A flashback to the past complete with a guest spot by Arielle Kebbel (Lexie). Get us to Bourbon St. stat.

Celebuzz (1-10): 9. While I’m still processing the implications of all that went down on the episode, this was definitely one of the best episodes of the season thus far.

So tell us fans, what did you think of “My Brother’s Keeper”? Are you excited that Elena and Damon finally took this step or is it tainted because she may have been tricked it to it? Tell us what you think below!

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  • mrsl488

    Throughout the 3 1/2 seasons of TVD I have gone back and forth between being team Delena & team Stelena. Elena works with both of them for one reason or another. As season 3 progressed, the feelings that developed between Elena and Damon was at times sweet and passionate. He brought out the fighter in her, she brings out the humanity in him. Just like her feelings for Stefan, these feelings are real. Damon has always, always gotten the short end of the stick (Elena selfishly leaving him to die alone anyone?), sometimes it was his own fault, but not always. He's the only one who has accepted Elena as a vampire from day one, though we know he hated it, not for himself (like Stefan & Caroline who miss the old Elena) but for Elena, who he had come to realize really wanted her human life. So, here's Damon, wanting only the best for Elena, being realistic, not trying to influence her anymore than usual and I'm thinking, how did I ever think she should be with anyone BUT Damon. So, Stelena breaks up, Elena & Damon don't waste anytime and...SIRE BOND?!!! To quote Caroline, seriously? I've never not loved what the writers have done with this show, but to give us this beautiful, long-awaited scene between Damon and Elena and then diminish it by suggesting it was all due to a sire bond, well, boo! I'm truly furious and disappointed. What a let down.

  • PixieLavender

    Some things just don't make sense to me. If anything, I'd say Caroline and Stefan seem to come across selfish and this is the reason to as why. Caroline and Stefan both want Elena to be the 'old' Elena (Although the irony being that Stefan let's Elena make her own decisions and even though Elena told Stefan to let her human self go and this is who she is now, the vampire, he doesn't agree to that and thinks it's the wrong decision!) which means turning her human again from this so called cure. However Stefan told Caroline that Klaus wants to make more Hybrids from Elena's blood. Caroline didn't object to that. Which means she would let her friend be drained and go through all that pain and suffering so that Klaus can have want he wants and she could/may be falling in love with him. So Caroline would let her friend go through all that so she can have her 'old' friend back? It's the same with Stefan. Does he really think things will go back to how they used to be with 'old' Elena if Klaus is going to be using her blood for his hybrids? Also what would be the point in turning Elena back to human? Because Klaus needs Elena's blood to make Hybrids. But those Hybrids are being un-sired and therefore serve no purpose to Klaus and going around in this cycle. Therefore Elena's blood would pretty much be pointless. But Caroline knows what Tyler and Hayley are up to and so does Stefan now. But they haven't told Klaus. But Caroline and Stefan want human Elena, So turning her back into Human (Elena doesn't want that either so they are going against her will) will only make Caroline and Stefan (and probs others) happy but Elena will not be. Also If Elena turns Human, doesn't that mean so won't be in danger by Jeremy. I guess that's a good thing! Stefan and Caroline are being manipulating (and they both say Damon is PAH!). Making Elena realise she is wrong. They are trying to brainwash her or something!They talk about her as if she's confused and doesn't know what to do. Its because they don't want her to be who she is, doesn't mean she has to change for everyone else to please them and herself not be happy with who she is to please everyone else. She is her own person and she's always been adventurous she has said that before but after her parents died she either hid or lost that part of her, how to be adventurous and now her becoming a vampire is allowing her to be that girl again, who she REALLY is. It's just that Stefan didn't meet that adventurous Elena (he met her after her parents had died) and Caroline either got she used to her being how she used to be after her parents died and forgot about the adventurous Elena. It just seems to me that Stefan is in denial and is going to be turning into this crazy person. Maybe it's history repeating it's self. In the sense that he loved Katherine and when she turned she just didn't love her anymore. This is the same thing happening to Elena. He can't love her as much as she was when she is human. Maybe it's because human Elena reminded Stefan that he has humanity and so on. That in its self is selfish only being with someone for your own needs. It's like he can only be at peace with himself when he was with human Elena and now that he is now, he's turning into this psycho path! Reguradless of what Elena wants, he wants what he wants first. (So he's willing foe Elena to go through the human bloodbag and not be happy and so on so just that he can have his human Elena back? PSHHT!) Lastly Klaus proved to Caroline how when you do become a Vampire you do change. He read out details to how Caroline used to be and seeing her now as a Vampire, she herself has changed ALOT. She's not how she used to be. She's CHANGED. But for some reason, Elena is apparently this puppet who has to be fixed on how she should be and how to live her life. They are controlling her like a puppet master. Knowing whats good for her without actually asking Elena herself what she wants or who she wants to be.

  • Eileen

    I agreed with Callan, sired? seriously. Wasn't Damon's blood on Caroline's system when she was turned and Bonnie's mom was turned by Damon too and they are not sired to him, this is just stupid. I think I'm done too.

  • tia maria
    tia maria

    every show has a couple that is meant to be together and in the vampire diaries that is elena and stefan. elena and damon being together just does not seem right

  • Callan

    Seriously? I have been anxiously awaiting this moment between Damon and Elena for THREE SEASONS. Words cannot describe my excitement and enthusiasm for Damon and Elena to finally have a chance to at least test things out on a real level. Then that ending…they just had to go a ruin the moment between Delena again. I swear it’s like the writers don’t want to give them a fighting chance or something. We’ve had enough Stefan and Elena already! It’s the fourth season, we can test the Damon/Elena relationship for real now. What kind of crap is this. Elena is sired to Damon??? Because that makes sense. Not like she didn’t have any feelings for him to begin with. Not like she has said NO to him/fought/rejected him countless times since being turned. Sired? Seriously? I could write better storylines than that. This is beyond stupid. I’m so angry I honestly don’t care if I give up this whole stupid series all together. It’s clear they’re just going to keep dragging this crap out. What bull. I will be seriously upset and disappointed if they spin this to be true. If that's what route they're honestly going to take to keep the triangle alive - Sayonara Vampire Diaries! I'm done with this.