‘X Factor’s’ Vino Alan Talks Top 8 Eliminations: ‘You Got to Stand by Where Your Gut Is’ (VIDEO)

'X Factor' Top 8 Results
A surprise double elimination.
If there’s anything FOX’s The X Factor taught us on Thursday’s show, it’s that even one mistake can knock you out of the competition – even if you were on top.

That was the case for tatted softie Vino Alan. After holding the No. 3 spot for three weeks, the singer found himself in the bottom two and unable to sing his way through to next week against Diamond White.

“You have to stand by what your gut is, especially because at something like this you can go at any time – as we’re seeing with me,” Alan told Celebuzz after the show.

The California resident hit a snafu this week when his mentor, L.A. Reid, decided to change his song at the last minute. The performer seemed to have some troubles with the arrangement and America apparently noticed.

“You want to put everything forward that you have, if you have extra talents,” the 40-year-old said of the turn of events. “I play lots of instruments. I cross a lot of platforms, have a lot more range than I showed. I don’t regret anything.”

Alan isn’t the kind to take his elimination as permission to take a break. “I’ll probably go right into the studio,” he said of his post-show plans.

“Yeah, make some records and bring it to the world,” he added.

Were you shocked to see that one off week got Vino booted? Tell us in the comments below.

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