‘The Hills’ Alum Lo Bosworth Talks Return to MTV as EP of ‘I’m Positive’

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Two years after MTV’s hit “reality” series The Hills ended, Lo Bosworth finds herself back at her old stomping grounds. But, this time she’s not on-camera.

Bosworth is an executive producer on the one-hour documentary, I’m Positive, which premieres on World AIDS Day, Saturday at 7 PM on MTV and MTV Tr3s.

“Thankfully, MTV still is a home for me, which is really wonderful,” Bosworth tells Celebuzz. “I’m just so proud that my first project is I’m Positive. It’s significant, and meaningful and terrific kind of television that I really care about. So, very happy that this is it.”

While we hear a lot of her castmates — Lauren Conrad’s many franchises, Audrina Patridge went on to star (then lose) her own reality series and Kristin Cavallari did some scripted acting and started her family — Bosworth says she has been working quietly behind the scenes for a while.

Aside from working in TV development and production, Bosworth launched the website The Lo Down, released a book of the same name last year and co-founded the party products and information site, Revelry House.

“For me it was never about being a reality star,” she says. “For me, it was a job and an opportunity. I went to UCLA, I got my degree. Immediately after the show, I transitioned to the business side of entertainment. For me, I have been fortunate enough to do lots of jobs at the same time.”

I’m Positive introduces three people living with HIV as they deal with what that means for their relationships with family, friends and their romantic partners. The idea came to Bosworth after finding out that a friend was dating someone with HIV.

“It really took my breath away,” the 26-year-old tells us. “I was supportive, of course, but it was really the first time I’ve had a personal experience with HIV/AIDS and my wheels just started turning.”

“What is it like to date somebody who’s HIV positive? If you are infected, what is it like to date in general? What is your day-to-day life like as a young person? And so we started just asking ourselves these questions and very quickly realized that there are significant stories to be told that have not been told yet,” Bosworth explains.

The star really believes that the documentary – co-executive produced with Dr. Drew for Octagon Entertainment – can save people’s lives, calling the project, “Really Inspirational.”

“Being diagnosed with HIV no longer means it’s a death sentence in any way, shape or form,” she says of the one message she wants viewers to take away from the program. “These kids have perfectly normal lives.”

I’m Positive premieres Saturday at 7 PM on MTV and MTV Tr3s.

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