‘Revenge’ Preview: Revealing Secrets at Baby Carl’s Christening (VIDEO)

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It may have taken a little longer than any Revenge fan would have liked — or based on the movement on Season 1, expected — but it appears the sophomore ABC series is finally ready to deliver on some “Revelations” for which their audience has been waiting.

Though the next all-new episode of Revenge should be a happy occasion with little Carl’s christening and all, it wouldn’t be a true Hamptons party without some secrets, betrayal, and violence, right?

And based on just who is getting comeuppance in the promos, we are bound to believe the show writers have been listening to our pleas!

In “Revelations,” Daniel’s (Josh Bowman) leading role within his family and his company will be challenged because Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Aiden (Barry Sloane) are weaving their way through Grayson Global. But what’s worse for the younger Mr. Grayson is his social climbing girlfriend Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) is revealed as a double agent, so to speak. While she’s been sleeping in his bed and stroking his business ego, she has also not-so-secretly-from-us been spying on Daniel for his father Conrad (Henry Czerny). And yes, she has also been sleeping with him.

He probably shouldn’t have expected anything less. Did we mention she’s a social climber? And who’s higher than the true head of Grayson Global aka Conrad?

Anyway, Daniel and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) confront their cheating “others,” though Victoria has been through it before and knows better than to worry too much about some young tart when she has the Initiative breathing down her back.

In other parts of the Hamptons, though, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) is being confronted with a skeleton from his past, as has the Porters. Carl’s christening actually causes more problems than celebration as Amanda (Margarita Levieva) finally catches onto Emily’s feelings for Jack (Nick Wechsler), simply by watching her watch him at the altar.

And then of course there is the case of the mysterious Ryans (JR Bourne and Michael Trucco), who are playing a long con revenge game of their own with the Porters. It certainly seems like they succeed in “Revelations” when Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) comes running down the dock, screaming that someone’s been hurt. All ABC has shown thus far is a bloody hand and arm, but could it be that Christmas is coming early and it’s Declan (Connor Paolo)?

Then again, even if it is, who’s to say he won’t survive?

Either way, Revenge‘s winter finale is literally planning to go out with a bang!

Revenge airs on Sunday nights at 9 PM on ABC.

What Revenge secret have you been itching to see out in the open? Let us know which storyline has gone stale for you in the comments below.

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