‘Shahs of Sunset’s’ New Girl Lilly Ghalichi Talks Meeting the Cast: ‘It Was Mortifying’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

'Shahs' Return
Bravo brings Persian back.
Bravo is bringing Persian back with a second season of Shahs of Sunset. The reality series (from Ryan Seacrest Productions) that follows young up-and-coming Iranian-Americans living in Beverly Hills introduces a new castmember, Lilly Ghalichi, this season.

Ghalichi was raised in Houston, Texas where she didn’t have much interaction with other Iranian-Americans. The series introduces her as a fabulous new real estate client for returning castmember Reza Farahan.

“I didn’t go to Beverly High, which also means I don’t have any Persian friends,” Ghalichi tells Celebuzz when she visited our Hollywood studio this week.

“I didn’t grow up in Beverly Hills,” she continues. “I moved here as an adult, so that’s the whole point of Reza bringing me on to the show. He finally wants me to have some Persian friends.”

While Ghalichi doesn’t practice law, she has passed the bar and she’s licensed in California. But, the self-professed “Persian Princess” decided not to be an attorney and follow her passion into the style, beauty and fashion industries. She owns a bathing suit line inspired by lingerie and a line of false eyelashes.

On the Season 2 premiere, her first meeting with the other castmembers goes down at a restaurant in Beverly Hills and it’s a rude awakening for Ghalichi.

“You guys will see in the first episode, it was mortifying for me,” she reveals. “There was a lot of alcohol involved, a lot of screaming and loudness, which is fine, there’s a time and a place for everything. But, we’re in an upscale Beverly Hills restaurant on a weekday at 7 PM. So, I was embarrassed, to be quite honest, to be part of a group that was quite frankly annoying the entire restaurant.”

And Ghalichi says that the “delicious drama” continues all season – especially with the female castmembers. Ghalichi says that even now she has a hard time with the other girls accepting her.

“Persian women can be a little unwelcoming,” she explains. They have their tightknit groups, they love their tightknit groups, and they don’t like outsiders. So, here I am coming in with a bang, with my hair and my makeup, so I get a lot of heat from some of the castmembers.”

Watch our full interview with Ghalichi above.

Shahs of Sunset premieres its second season on Sunday at 10 PM on Bravo. Watch the first 10 minutes below.

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