‘The Walking Dead’ Preview: 5 Things to Know Before Watching the Midseason Finale (GALLERY)

It’s hard to believe, but the winter finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead is nigh. Just one more episode to go and then we’ll all be suffering through a long, cold winter hiatus.

So far, this season has had more action on it than all of last season put together and it’s not even over yet. Our poor group of survivors has been run through the wringer and there’s no telling just how much more they can take.

One thing we can count on is the fact that the survivors are going to be challenged once again. No matter how hard their lives have been so far this season, chances are that things may get worse before they get better. We can also surely bet that whatever happens in the midseason finale, there will no doubt be a cliffhanger of epic proportions.

To prepare for the final episode before the midseason hiatus, we here at Celebuzz decided to put together a handy gallery detailing everything you need to know about where we are in the story. Whether you’ve seen every episode of this season so far and just need a quick refresher or your DVR is packed with episodes you haven’t been able to watch yet, this gallery will help you to be ready when the midseason finale airs on Sunday.

Note: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched every episode so far of The Walking Dead season 3. 

Take a look through our  gallery above to find out everything from which characters we’ve lost so far this season, how the survivors have found two very different places to call home, who lost a limb this season, plus which popular character from Season 1 has returned to cause more trouble than ever before.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM on AMC.

Are you excited to watch The Walking Dead midseason finale? What parts of the story do you think will be resolved before the hiatus? Any guesses on what sort of cliffhanger we’ll be left with this time?

– Michelle Carlbert

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