Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012: ‘We All Train Like the Freaking Olympics,’ Says Model Elsa Hosk (VIDEO)

VS Fashion Show
Rihanna, Bieber and plenty of glitz, glamour and goddesses!
Candice Preps for VS Show
The model breaks down how she readies for the runway.
It’s no small feat to prepare to strut your stuff in next to nothing for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Many of the models spend months getting their figures runway-ready — sticking to extreme diets and exhaustive sweat sessions. “I definitely stepped it up a notch,” model Elsa Hosk told Celebuzz ahead of taking to the catwalk for the 2012 show at Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City. “I did a little extra everyday. Usually I work out maybe five times a week. It’s real hardcore workouts.”

So hardcore, in fact, that Hosk can only think of one comparison: “It’s important for the people who watch this show to know that we all train like [it’s the] freaking Olympics,” she said with a smile. “We work hard to look the way we do, and it’s not something that will come by starving yourself or not taking care of yourself. It’s really like a full-time commitment.”

Hosk opts for a mixed bag of fitness — from Equinox exercise classes to Flywheel spinning sessions. “I do everything. I’ve always been really athletic,” she explained. “I used to play basketball growing up. I like these fun workouts, like kickboxing, where you feel like you’re not at the gym. I hate just walking on a treadmill — I have no patience.”

Beyond tuning up her tip-top physique, Hosk skips any special beauty treatments before the show, instead choosing concentrate on her mental state. “[I] just try to breathe and [try] to stay centered,” she said. “Maybe doing a little meditation and just calm yourself.”

All the prep pays off when Hosk hits the runway in her glitzy getups. “I have these huge cartwheel wings that spin around,” she gushed of one of her lingerie outfits. “I feel like I’m going to takeoff on the runway. They’re really fun!”

The 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show doesn’t air until Dec. 4 on CBS. But until then, get a glimpse of the show-stopping performances, statuesque Angels and lingerie styles.

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