Kate Middleton Pregnant: Will It Be a Boy or a Girl? (POLL)

Wills Visits Ailing Kate
The prince visits his pregnant wife at a London hospital.
Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting a royal baby but the big question is: Will it be a boy or a girl?

While the couple hasn’t released the baby’s gender yet, the odds are slim that they will announce what they’re having, according to royal historian Carolyn Harris.

“If the Dutchess of Cambridge gives birth to a son, he will automatically be a prince,” Harris explained.

The same isn’t so if she births a daughter, however.

“If she has a daughter she would be named a lady,” Harris said. “But it is likely that the Queen would make an exception to her title so that she could be named a princess.”

What’s bigger than one royal baby? Twins!

While twins don’t run in Prince William’s family, it’s “unknown at this point” whether Middleton carries the “twins” gene, says Harris.

Do you want Middleton to have a boy or a girl? Take the poll on our right to tell Celebuzz what you think.

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