‘Revenge’ Fall Finale Recap: Tricks Turned, Surveillance Galore and a Lame Duck ‘Death’

'Revenge': The Fall Finale
Gabriel Mann says that someone will make an exit.
'Revenge' Flashback Ep
Skeletons are revealed when the drama goes back in time.
Poor little Carl Porter. With Godparents like these, no amount of holy water will be enough to keep him safe in Revenge’s Hamptons. But let’s back up, shall we?

The ABC drama’s fall finale, “Revelations,” was designed to bring the truth about a number characters to the surface… for a number of other characters. The audience had most of the information this whole time. But, the repetition created room for characters to finally get comeuppance and others to finally be brought into the loop. And for that, we can’t be too mad at it!

The momentum was finally picked up, so let’s hope it will keep going in the new year!

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Sunday night’s episode, “Revelations.”

Last we were treated to a flashback episode that saw Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Ashley’s (Ashley Davenport) first true encounter. We learned then that Ashley was using her art degree to be a hooker. Well, time may have passed, but she’s still in the same position in life. She may have a high society relationship and a decently powered position within Grayson Global — but she got them by sleeping with the man in charge.

Emily and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) dug up surveillance footage of Ashley sleeping with Conrad (Henry Czerny). Ashley had a plan to get rid of Aiden (Barry Sloane), so to speak, from Daniel’s (Josh Bowman) business, and Emily couldn’t have that! So she sent the footage right on over to the Manor, where Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) received it — and quite well, we might add.

Let’s face it: She’s used to infidelity from Conrad by now! What she was mostly grossed out by was that he didn’t disclose his tryst to his son before he started dating the girl. Victoria is always most concerned about her son, after all, so in order to keep him safe — from the Initiative but not from STDs — she sent Ashley off to turn a trick for a smarmy donor. See, she felt that Conrad needed to keep his position as the head of the board in order to keep Daniel off the Initiative’s radar. But, she was putting a lot of faith in the fact that Ashley had skills at both sex and negotiation.

However, Emily intercepted this plan (of course!), and she sent Aiden and Daniel to the same inn where Ashley was getting busy. Aiden bided time asking why he was left out of Nolcorp negotiations, which was of course because Ashley told him to. So Aiden clued Daniel in, and he lost it — on Ashley and the business guy. He kicked her to the curb and blackmailed the business guy to get his vote. Victoria pleaded with him not to put himself in danger by taking the head of Grayson Global, but Daniel hadn’t wised up to figure out the truth about Ashley on his own, and he couldn’t tell when his mother was being sincere, either (to be fair, those times are few and far between!), so of course he moved forward.

But when Daniel took the head of Grayson Global, he still kept Aiden out of it. A brooding Daniel means a Daniel trying to get Emily back after the break, we think! Too bad he might not have time to focus on that, considering the Initiative now has surveillance on him…

Despite Aiden not being involved, the Nolcorp deal finished when Marco (EJ Bonilla) was brought back into the picture, spouting off about the “missing money.” Nolan wasn’t worried — until Marco showed up at Jack’s bar and threatened to tell Amanda (Margarita Levieva) all about the money that should be hers. Suddenly, Nolan was forced to give Marco a new job in order for him to keep quiet about Amanda. Why he couldn’t just sick Ems on him… well, we suspect feelings are still there, and honestly, that’s a kind of complication we could get behind!

At Baby Carl’s christening, Emily and Declan (Connor Paolo) stood up as the Godparents. But, the real action went down when Carl Senior’s old buddy Matt (Jonathan Adams) showed up to offer congrats but ended up warning Jack (Nick Wechsler) against the Ryans instead. Jack looked genuinely confused by the fact that these guys who just have been too good to be true (though shady) might actually be shady.  But, he wasn’t concerned enough to say anything to his little brother or to instill a buddy system or anything.

Kenny (JR Bourne) and Nate (Michael Trucco) had their eye on Matt first, though, and they ended up beating him to what will probably be death because the show promised someone would die with this episode. But onthe actual episode, Jack got to him in time to learn that he had actually killed their father, though the Ryans believed it was Papa Porter who pulled the trigger. Oh yeah, and the gun was hidden somewhere on Jack’s boat. The question is, though, did he share the same information with the Ryans when they were beating him? Suddenly, we understand why that boat ends up destroyed — though now we’re starting to hope Jack does it himself to get rid of evidence…

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Jack could not be dumber. He never thought to Google the guy with whom he got in business, let alone the guy who could have sent his brother to jail!?

Thank you, TV gods.: Daniel’s yelling at Ashley to get her stuff out of his house was short but oh so sweet and certainly got the job done. Maybe now, she’ll finally scamper out of town with her tail between her legs.

Awk-ward: Daniel, in his dark office clearly long after hours, flipping through photos of now-dead relationships: That’s sadder than drinking alone.

Hotness: Look, as much as Declan is useless, he does clean up nice. We had to give him props for at least pulling himself together to attend the christening.

Fab-u-lous: Emily and Aiden are just an unapologetic couple now, and we love it. Cheesy scenes by the fireplace and all!

Can. Not. Wait.: Was Victoria really calling Emily to bring her into the fold, so to speak, or simply to be a spy on her son?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 7

What did you think of Revenge’s fall finale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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