Will Lindsay Lohan Go To Rehab or Jail? Get In On The Conversation with HLN Host Jane Velez-Mitchell

Lohan Charged for 3 Crimes
The star will be charged for 3 crimes for her car accident.
Lindsay Lohan Arrested
The actress is charged with third-degree assault.
What a week in the life of Lindsay Lohan.

The week began with Lohan facing brutal reviews from critics and viewers alike for her unintended comedic performance as Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s ‘Liz & Dick.

It ended with the 26-year-old actress being formally charged on Nov. 29 with three misdemeanors after allegedly lying to police about her role in a June car accident. Lohan had claimed that she was not driving at the time of the accident and pinned the blame on her assistant, who was later cleared of any wrongdoing.

These new charges mean that Lohan’s 2011 probation stemming from a conviction for shoplifting in Venice, Calif. will be automatically revoked.

On Nov. 29, Lohan found herself in more hot water with law enforcement, this time in New York City where she reportedly punched a woman outside of Avenue nightclub. It has been rumored that the two got into a fight after Lohan became jealous that The Wanted singer, Max George, was paying more attention to the woman.

Aside from her legal headaches, Lohan is also in trouble with the IRS, who have reportedly seized all of her bank accounts. TMZ reports that Lohan owes the IRS $233,904 for unpaid taxes from 2009 and 2010, along with additional unpaid taxes in 2011. Actor Charlie Sheen gave Lohan $100,000 to help dig her out of her self-inflicted financial hole.

Given all of this turmoil in her life, it is no surprise that Lohan is rumored to be drinking heavily again, possibly as much as two liters of vodka per day. Friends are said to be urging her to go back to rehab, but she denies that she has a problem.

Should Lindsay Lohan return to rehab again? And, do you think she deserves to go to jail for lying about not being behind the wheel during the June car crash?

Get in on the conversation.

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