Lindsay Lohan Arrest: Dr. Drew Says ‘This is What Denial is All About’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW)

'Free Lindsay'
The Wanted's Jay McGuiness wears a 'Free Lindsay' shirt in NYC.
Lindsay Lohan Arrested
The actress is charged with third-degree assault.
Dr. Drew Pinsky has encouraged people not to sit in judgement of Lindsay Lohan — and instead offer prayer for the troubled Hollywood starlet.

Following Lohan’s latest drama — she was arrested for fighting with a woman in a New York nightclub on Nov. 29 — the renowned addiction specialist, who hosts Dr. Drew on HLN and VH1’s Rehab, admitted he was worried for the Liz & Dick star.

“We need to pray for her and not point, or hold her in disdain,” he told Celebuzz at the CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute in Los Angeles on Sunday, Dec. 2.

“We need to hope that she makes it to through this to some kind of sobriety, some day. The big question is how much it is going to take.”

Explaining 26-year-old Lohan’s repeated denials that she needs to seek treatment, Dr. Drew added: “This is what denial is all about.”

He said, “Denial makes people not perceive the consequences, not see the relationship between what they’re doing, or see their role in all of it.”

“More often than not it is some sort of horrible, horrible event that gets through — a near death experience, loss of freedom or loss of children — those kinds of things.

“But some people just have a spiritual awakening — and I pray for that, for her.”

Dr. Drew is board-certified in internal medicine and addiction medicine, though he does not treat Lohan.

“I know her parents are very, very concerned about her and well they should be,” Dr. Drew said. “An adult child with big issues is really hard to deal with.”

Lohan was arrested Nov. 29 and charged with third-degree misdemeanor assault after allegedly punching Tiffany Ava Mitchell, 28, at a New York nightclub.

Her legal woes didn’t stop there, either.

On the same day that the she was jailed, Lohan was charged with three more crimes stemming from a June car accident on Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles.

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