Kate Middleton Pregnant: Does This Mean Her Topless Scandal Is Forgotten? (INSIDE STORY)

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News of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, confirmed by the British royal family, is happy news for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in more ways than one.

Not only does it focus everyone’s attention on the couple’s happiness and the future of the British monarchy, but it also helps erase the unpleasantness of Middleton’s topless photo scandal from three months ago.

So said  Victoria Arbiter, ABC News Royal Contributor.

“It’s already been forgotten anyway,” she told Celebuzz. “She didn’t do anything wrong. It wasn’t much of a scandal.”

The Duchess’s health scare — she was admitted Monday to King Edward VII Hospital in central London with hyperemesis gravidarum, an extreme form of morning sickness — has also helped push September’s scandal into the memory hole, Arbiter said.

“There’s a heightened feeling of anxiety,” she said. “Everybody is wishing her a speedy recovery.”

In fact, Arbiter noted, there likely would have been no announcement of Middleton’s pregnancy for many months if she hadn’t been hospitalized. The young couple have been so discreet about the pregnancy that “even Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles didn’t know,” Arbiter said.

That discretion — which was evident in Middleton’s refusal to mention the scandal or let it affect her public appearances after topless photos of her sunbathing at a friend’s private home were leaked to the tabloids in September — proved she was the right woman for the job, Arbiter said.

“She showed poise and grace,” Arbiter said. “There was no blight on her character as a result.”

And that discretion will likely continue for the rest of the duchess’s pregnancy, Arbiter said.

“There’ll be no ultrasounds on Twitter, no baby names,” she said. Rather, Arbiter said, she expected Prince William and his wife to be as silent while they’re expecting as they have been during the year and a half of baby speculation that’s followed their Spring 2011 wedding.

Not that there was any reason to lend that speculation any weight until now, said Arbiter, who explained that there was no way Middleton would have become pregnant earlier, when the birth of an heir to the throne would have upstaged royal events like the queen’s 60th anniversary jubilee.

“It wasn’t in the cards,” she said. “The royals plan. In 2013, there are no significant royal occasions to overshadow.”

See? Even Middleton’s biological clock is discreet and deferential.

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