Kate Middleton Pregnant: Why the Baby Announcement Is Bad News for Prince Harry

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Talk about a baby bump!

While he may be celebrating his upcoming role as uncle, Prince Harry's path to becoming king of England is now facing even more roadblocks. The reason? The birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton's first child, be it a boy or girl, will push the royal further down the line to the throne.

And it's partly thanks to a proposed change in succession rules by the U.K. government.

During an Oct. 2011 summit with Commonwealth leaders in Australia, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced the reform — which has yet to be passed — allowing the first-born child of a royal, regardless of age or gender, to take precedence as the heir to the crown, according to ABC News.

Past laws, which date back over 300 years, stated only males as the direct heirs — a rule that recently brought gender equality into the spotlight.

Harry is currently third in line to secure the thrown, after dad Prince Charles and his older brother. But now, it's not only a baby boy that Harry needs to worry about: any first-born daughter will have first preference over any of the family's younger brothers in succession -- putting him in fourth place.

"Put simply, if the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were to have a little girl, that girl would one day be our queen," Cameron said in 2011.

Per the Daily Mail UK, the birth of the future royal also marks the first time in nearly 120 years that a still-serving monarch (Queen Elizabeth II, who took reign in 1963) will meet a great grandchild in line to the throne.

Keeping with tradition, the child would also head the British armed forces, govern the Church of England and oversee the Commonwealth (which spans 54 nations across the world, and putting him or her in charge of 16 countries.)

What do you think of the succession changes and its affect on Prince Harry? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Garima Real
    Garima Real

    Dylan Howard before you make any news. you must know about that person. Harry is very very much happy with this news. and he love children not throne. he have suffered a lot being spare. and from childhood harry isn't interested in throne. he is not jealous of anyone. harry is a great gentleman. harry gave his mother ring to william when william get engaged to kate. as harry wanted his mother ring to be in hands of future queen no matter who. it was the only memory of his mother he was having. harry is so much a sweet,caring and loving boy. but you media people just only see his party side. he have two side one is very sweet,caring and loving and second like a ordinary person who parties with friends. and we love his both sides. before judging anyone first hard to understand that man.

  • Garima Real
    Garima Real

    Prince harry was never wanting the throne. he wanted a normal life. from childhood harry knows that his brother and father will be king and he will not. he knows he is spare. and he have suffered a lot being spare. and he is very happy with this news. because he will be uncle now. as all knows harry love children so much. he don't have any problem with the baby. its just media who is making such a stupid news. it was obvious that William is married now he will have a baby.

  • Garima Real
    Garima Real

    Sorry but harry is Princess Diana and Prince Charles Son. by questioning on harry's dad you are questing on Princess Diana Character. Princess Diana is a very regal, beautiful,loyal lady. and Prince Harry is just like his mother. Harry suffer same like his mother princess diana. its a shame. and you can no right to question on princess diana ok

  • AlaBella

    Right, like Harry didn't know that already! They're princes, that means that they've been groomed since Day 1 about throne succession. The fact that the UK changed the law so that any first-born child, male or female, would access the throne made headlines worldwide last year. I doubt it took Harry as long as Celebuzz to figure out that, unless his brother remained childless (which was highly unlikely given that he was expected to give an heir/heiress to the throne), he had no chance of ever becoming king.

  • Agent M
    Agent M

    And Queen Elizabeth ascended in 1952, not 1963.

  • Mellyn

    I seriously doubt that "Harry Hewitt" (Royal watchers will get the joke) cares a fig about where he is in line to the throne. Harry is happy serving his country and has always been supportive of his brother The Duke.

  • The Kilted Mermaid
    The Kilted Mermaid

    Dylan Howard~If you are trying to be taking seriously as a journalist and write articles, please LEARN HOW TO SPELL! You wrote: "Harry is currently third in line to secure the thrown," THROWN? Really??? You don't even know how to spell a one syllable word! The word you were trying to use is spelled THRONE. With that one glaring mistake you destroyed any attempt to be taken seriously! Please learn to spell or when in doubt, use a dictionary!