One Direction Ladies Man Harry Styles Might be a Rebound Romance for Taylor Swift, Says Relationship Expert (EXCLUSIVE)

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One Direction boy bander Harry Styles needs to be careful that Taylor Swift is not using him after her recent split with Conor Kennedy.

Although there is only a four-year age gap between the new dating duo, relationship coach Dr. Carole Lieberman believes that the “Sparks Fly” singer is much more psychologically mature than the teenage Brit.

Styles, 18, and Swift, 22, have set the gossip world abuzz after they were photographed walking through New York’s Central Park together after reportedly holding hands backstage at The X Factor.

“I think he has to watch out that he is not being used as a pawn by her and she is not trying to get either ‘back at’ or ‘back with’ Conor Kennedy — he may even be a decoy romance,” psychiatrist Lieberman told Celebuzz.

Swift enjoyed a whirlwind summer romance with Kennedy, who’s also 18, that fizzled out in September after she reportedly spent a whopping $4.9 million on a Cape Cod mansion right next door to the famous ‘Kennedy Compound’ where the famous family resides.

And Lieberman believes that it’s time the cute country crooner either took a “time-out” from love or start dating more mature guys who are genuinely interested in her for the right reasons.

“There is a reason she (Taylor) keeps getting dumped by all these young men and when she is writing these songs about failed relationships she is definitely suffering, there is no doubt about that,” she said.

“Harry Styles is a young guy in one of the most popular boy bands in the world, so he can have his pick of any girl right now. But Taylor is like a ‘Cougar’ in that she is more mature and sophisticated than him at this stage.”

Ladies man Styles is no stranger to romancing older women, after famously dating UK TV host Caroline Flack, 33, and having a reported fling with 32-year-old married deejay Lucy Horobin. He once even boasted that the only women who were off limits in his love life were those who were older than his 43-year-old mom, Anne.

And despite her bulging bank account and stellar career, Swift has become just as well-known for her failed romances with the likes of Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Conor Kennedy as she has for her hit records.

The Southern sweetheart seems to be trying mighty hard to find ‘Mr. Right’ and Lieberman seriously doubts if the young British star will turn out to be her man.

“At this point she has suffered a lot of heartbreak and she needs to find somebody who is truly emotionally invested in her and that is difficult for an 18-year-old like Harry Styles who just wants to sew his wild oats and have fun,” said Lieberman, who’s the author of Bad Boys: Why We Love Them, How To Live With Them, When To leave Them and Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets.

“That is not to say he could not be hurt too, especially if she publicly humiliates him by writing a public song about them as a couple,” she added.

“Although their relationship is fairly new, there are similarities with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Their relationship has started to fizzle out because despite the fact he wants to marry her, Justin Bieber is not really ready to settle down and Selena Gomez knows this to be true.”