‘The Voice’ Top 6 Performance Show: 8 Things You Didn’t See on TV

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'The Voice' Top 8 Results
Two artists go and Cee Lo duets with Kermit.
The Top 6 on NBC’s The Voice stepped up their game, ten-fold, on Monday’s performance show. With the stakes getting higher each week, the contestant belted out two songs on the epic two-hour showdown, with one song chosen by their coach and one by themselves.

It’s difficult to say who could be headed home on Tuesday as almost all of the contestants had at least one really strong performance. While frontrunner Cassadee Pope kept it status quo performing her favorite song ever (“With You” by Avril Lavigne) and a Rascal Flatts jam very well. Then 18-year-old Trevin Hunte almost brought the house down with his powerful rendition of “And I’m Telling You.”

Celebuzz was in the audience for the amazing episode, witnessing each spectacular set and taking note of all that went down when the cameras were off. Here are 8 things you didn’t see on TV:

1. Blake loves his fans. With Blake Shelton’s Christmas album having recently hit stores, one lucky fan decided to bring the disc with her to the show in the odd chance she might be get an autograph. Lucky for her, the audience host noticed and Shelton ended up signing the disc.

2. Commercial breaks are productive. There are a number of things that go down during the commercials – such as set changes, makeup touch ups, etc. — but sometimes there is even filming. During one break on Monday, Christina Aguilera actually filmed a promo for a future episode. The singer was spot on with her line, needing only one take to get it right.

3. Cee Lo was also in the giving spirit. Blake wasn’t the only one doing things for the crowd. At one point, Cee Lo Green actually chucked some of his papers to some fans in the pit section. While I’m not entirely sure what they were, they were plenty happy to have the papers in their possession. The Gnarles Barkley frontman was also dancing during breaks.

4. “This is The Voice.” You know the tagline the show uses everytime it comes back from a commercial? Host Carson Daly can be seen mouthing the words to it almost every time before he’s on camera. Occasionally, Daly will even throw some hand motions in.

5. Xtina is a social butterfly. It was a close call for Aguilera when the show came back from its last two commercial breaks as the singer almost didn’t make it to her seat before Daly began speaking. The first time, she headed off stage but during the second break she was engaging with fans in the pit.She was also seen deep in conversation with fellow judge Shelton.

6. When the audience host says cheer, you cheer. If not, you may get called out in front of everyone. On Monday, an insurance broker named Matt was asked to do a dance for everyone to copy after he was found not clapping during warm ups. His seductive dance afterwards was hilarious.

7. Tuesday’s special performance by Ne-Yo will be pretaped and it MAY include one of the contenders. Though I didn’t actually get to see Ne-Yo’s performance, the press was made aware that they were pre-taping. We were also told that Team Adam Singer Amanda Brown would be late to the pressroom since she was rehearsing. Put two and two together and I think there is something very special in store for Tuesday’s Elimination episode.

8. Adam Levine. I know, we had no behind-the-scenes-scoop on Levine this week, but I can tell you he looked great in that shirt. Then again, I guess you saw that on TV.

Whose performance did you enjoy the most? Sound off in the comments below!

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