'Victorious': 'Here's 2 Us' Lyric Video Premiere, Plus Win a Copy of 'Victorious 3.0' Signed by Victoria Justice (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO & GIVEAWAY)

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In this week's episode of Victorious, Tori (Victoria Justice) and Andre (Leon Thomas III) perform their new song, "Here's 2 Us," at the Hollywood Arts Cowboy Luau.
With lyrics like, "Here’s to never winning first place/ Here’s to crying on your birthday/ Here’s to every single heartbreak," the track is an upbeat teen anthem that will have fans singing right along with the show's stars.
Want to learn the lyrics to the song? Well, you're in luck, because today, Celebuzz is exclusively premiering the song's official lyric video.
But that's not all, Victorious fans. We're also giving away one copy of the new soundtrack, Victorious 3.0: Even More Music From The Hit TV Show, signed by star Victoria Justice!

If you want a chance to win the signed copy of the special Walmart ZinePak edition of Victorious 3.0: Even More Music From The Hit TV Show --  featuring all of your favorite tracks, from "Here's 2 Us" to "LA Boyz" -- here's how to enter the giveaway:

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, then leave a comment below telling us which "Victorious" track is your favorite and why. Sounds easy, right? 

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway will close on Monday, December 10  at 5PM EST.


Good luck and get commenting! Don't forget to tune into this week's all-new Victorious -- "One Thousand Berry Balls" -- on Saturday, December 8 at 8PM EST. 



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  • Teresa

    So who won the comp, Celebuzz? :]

  • Emily Barylske
    Emily Barylske

    I love the song You don't know me by Elizabeth Gillies. I like how it can fit with many girls who have a dark side to them, and boys who don't get that. Plus, it fits perfectly with my attitude.

  • Alys Buchan
    Alys Buchan

    my favorite track is 'Here's 2 Us' because it's so catchy and Victoria has an amazing voice through-out :-)

  • vivi

    my favorite victorious track is "its not a Christmas without you" because the 3 girls sing the song together with there cute outfits that i just adore , i love the tune its happy and has good rhythm and because its a catchy song that is actually somthing i would love to have stuck in my head :)

  • Lupita Sanchez
    Lupita Sanchez

    My favorite Victorious song is "All I Want Is Everything" because not only was it the first Victorious song I ever heard, but also because after I heard it I couldn't get it out of my head! I love how catchy it is and the lyrics are great! Its a song that just makes you want to dance and sing along, its amazing. <3

  • Tintin Oben
    Tintin Oben

    My favourite song in Victorious would probably between "Make It in America" and "Here's to Us". Both songs are really inspirational and whenever I play them I get up and dance. "Here's to Us" has been an earworm since the release(it never stopped playing in my head). PS. Victoria Justice is a great singer!!

  • Negar Rahnemoon
    Negar Rahnemoon

    I like all of the songs!!!!!! My favorite song is "Five Fingers to the Face. Its a catchy song and you can sing along. Plus it has the whole cast in that song. The song is so funny!

  • Jessica Abbieisacoolbean Sinclair
    Jessica Abbieisacoolbean Sinclair

    My favorite song would have to be 'You Don't Know Me' because I really love Liz and Jade, and I think she is such an amazing singer. And It's about Beck and Jade, so bonus! I always have it stuck in my head and listen to it all the time.I love the beginning and chorus alot, and the Louder,louder bit :)

  • King Nam Leung
    King Nam Leung

    My fave track on the Soundtrack is "Faster Than Boyz" because it has a positive message and the throbbing synth line and strong kicking of the drum gets me moving!

  • Noelle D'Amico
    Noelle D'Amico

    My favorite song would have to be You Don't Know Me because the lyrics are basically saying that what you see on the outside is not who she really is saying that she tries her best to put up a wall but he knocks it down each time and how she's okay with it and at the beginning she thought he didn't really get her but than she realizes he's always known the true her, it's a great love/edgy song that many can relate to.

  • Bonita Sampson
    Bonita Sampson

    my favourite's Here's 2 Us. It really reflects the life of a regular teenager and the lessons learned from life. Then on the other hand, the awesome dancing and sing-a-long beat gets a person even more attached to the song! -Shania Sampson (daughter of Bonita Sampson)

  • ginger5010

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  • Dita Chandra
    Dita Chandra

    My favorite song is LA Boyz because it makes me wanna sing along and get up and dance. It also tells how amazing LA boys are and in this song the collaboration of Ariana and Victoria to make this song awesome is great. P.S I followed and liked Celebuzz on Twitter and Facebook. :) :D

  • Lydia Ho
    Lydia Ho

    My favorite track is All I Want Is Everything because it makes me want to dance along. Also the cast did a flash mob on that song :).

  • diamondryce

    First I will admit that I am a man who likes Victorious. Second My favorite song that got me inspired and hooked on by the Victorious Cast was "Freak The Freak Out" The song has been played on my iTunes over 400 times and I even made a video with the song. Gotta Love Victorious and Victoria Justice

  • Sam Vaness
    Sam Vaness

    My favourite track is "Here's to Us". It constantly reminds me to be optimistic no matter what comes my way, to always look back at my past mistakes, celebrating the experiences that I have made and to learn from them. Besides, I can never get that catchy hook out of my mind! :D

  • Julia Greenwood
    Julia Greenwood

    My favorite is Here's to Us. That's because I love the message it gives. It says that even with all the ups and downs in life, everything will turn out ok in the end. Plus Victorias voice is amzing in it too!!!

  • Teresa

    Followed on Twitter & liked on Facebook! My favorite track would definitely be Here's 2 Us. It really taught me to celebrate all the mistakes & shady things in life, because that's what shapes you as a person today. I love the message it carries. :)

  • Celina Enciso
    Celina Enciso

    My favorite track is "You Don't Know Me". It's a good pop song that's strong enough to rock you. The lyrics combined with Liz Gillies' voice just have you coming back for more.

  • Nikkita Miller
    Nikkita Miller

    My favourite is '365 days,' because it's catchy, fun and bouncy, but has a romantic, and slightly cheesey vibe which I love. :)

  • Vashti Elaine Corbin
    Vashti Elaine Corbin

    Probably LA Boyz, it was just really sweet, cute, and funny how they put it in the show :D By the way, I followed you guys on Twitter & "Liked" on FB!

  • Abigail Fuller
    Abigail Fuller

    My Favourite Victorious track is 'Five Fingers to the Face' because it's super super funny and includes all the cast which he don't get as much of!

  • miireyaa

    My favorite is 'You Don't Know Me' because its a strong song about not being stepped on