Dina Blames Michael, Michael Blames Dina: So Who Really is to Blame for Lindsay Lohan’s Troubles?

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Lindsay Lohan Arrested
The actress is charged with third-degree assault.
Lindsay & Dina
See the mother & daughter hug it out
In an open letter to the estranged parents of Lindsay Lohan, former criminal prosecutor Loni Coombs — author of YOU’RE PERFECT… and Other Lies Parents Tell: The Ugly Truth About Spoiling Your Kids — examines Dina and Michael Lohan’s blame game.

While I don’t make a habit of publicly calling people out on their parenting skills, or lack thereof, Michael and Dina Lohan have once again personally thrust their dirty laundry upon all of us, so I feel the time has come.

Dear Michael,

Just stop. Stop judging your daughter in public. Do you honestly think that public humiliation is an effective parenting technique? Wrong! It is just about as effective as publicly attacking her mother. The sad thing is you actually have the potential to play a positive role in helping to your daughter—but not as long as you violate everyone’s trust with the constant finger pointing and blatant spotlight grabbing. An intervention might have really helped Lindsay—but you tainted any legitimacy of the process by alerting the media.

Dear Dina,

You have a point about Michael’s constant grab for attention, thinly disguised as concern for your daughter. Obviously, an intervention isn’t really an intervention when the most important guests on the “support list” are a camera crew. However, you, yes you, are way overdue for a hard, honest look into your own mirror. It seems pretty clear that Lindsay’s two biggest danger zones are driving and nightclubs. Even the LA judge advised Lindsay to stay away from the clubs. I would think that your daughter’s running tally of mug shots (five now but soon to be six after the new charges just filed in Los Angeles) would be enough for a mother to think about keeping her daughter out of nightclubs and the driver’s seat. Instead, night after night, you are out partying with her. Out of all the things Lindsay needs right now, a wingman isn’t one of them.

And your own pattern of giving interviews trying to excuse or deny Lindsay’s troubling behavior is not helping her face reality. That time and energy on your part would be much better spent actually confronting the real issues with your daughter behind closed doors.

Michael, Dina, maybe it is time for you both to step back and let Lindsay find herself. Let her face responsibilities, and consequences. Let her work for what she wants. No more enabling or shielding. No more drama. At least not from you two. Right now the best gift you can give her as her parents is a break from your toxic influences. Let her figure out who she wants to be. And please, go get your own lives.

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