Gerard Butler Confirms He's Been Dating Model Madalina Ghenea for Seven Months

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Gerard Butler put months of rumors to rest when he confirmed on The Tonight Show that he has been dating lingerie model Madalina Ghenea for the past seven months.

Butler revealed the news to Jay Leno on Monday night's episode when the TV show host asked, "You mentioned this girlfriend twice. I've never heard you do that, give me a little information on this. Can I ask you how long you've been going out?"

"It's been seven months now," Butler said.

The Playing for Keeps actor was first spotted smooching the stunning brunette on Oct. 14 on the French Riviera. Numerous onlookers were caught off guard by their hot and heavy PDA.

The two were also handsy at an after party at Hotel Du Cap-Eden Roc during the 2012 Cannes Film Festival in May.

The two reportedly met when she was hired to help Butler, 42, promote a new razor for the Dubai-based brand, Super Max, in spring of 2012.

What do you think about Butler's girlfriend? Sound off below.

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  • lisa

    miow,nasty,they are both happy,leave them to it and remember the saying people who live in glass houses.....

  • Michelle Mae Souza
    Michelle Mae Souza

    And actually though she is hardly "supermodel" material (talk about bold self promotion, where is her Cover Girl deal, her Vogue/Sports illustrated covers?) she was more attractive without the loads of plastic surgery. Her hair is really thin also, she has a weave, and it doesn't look well kept.

  • Elane

    Love the man, beautiful young woman, could give him the children he wants in life, and they would be beautiful. Hope he finds the happiness and fulfillment he is looking for.

  • Don't get it!
    Don't get it!

    Funny as he never named her at all! I watched the show and not once did he say her name so where do you get he confirmed her? He could have confirmed just about any woman at this point. He's not even trying to look like he's her BF whenever they're somewhere together. They're never alone anywhere and he won't even walk the Red Carpet with her. So I don't get how he confirmed her if he hasn't said her name out loud!

  • pituka

    stunning its not the word for this lady, more like "particular" looking (to be polite)

  • avi

    Wasn't she Di Caprio's beard from last year? I wonder who will use her services next.

  • Dan

    Weird looking chick.

  • Ana

    Madalina terrible and a face like a horse! ugh

  • Aria

    hot couple