Gerard Butler on His Womanizing ‘Playing for Keeps’ Character: ‘I Probably Have a Lot in Common With George’ (VIDEO)

Gerard Opens Up
Gerard Butler talks about his rehab experience in 'Men's Journal.'
Legions of female fans expecting Gerard Butler’s newest film, the romantic comedy Playing for Keeps, to give them just another excuse to see their favorite actor’s chiseled physique might be in for a surprise.  for the actor to show off his chiseled physique are in for a surprise.

In Keeps, Butler plays George, a handsome, 40-something womanizer who is forced to grow up a lot sooner than he expected. While the movie offers plenty of eye candy for the ladies, it also provides them with an unlikely coming-of-age story, one that hit a little too close to home for the 300 star.

“[George] reminds me a little bit too much of me,” Butler told Celebuzz. How much? Read on…

Butler has played everything from a Spartan king to a burgeoning Tomb Raider. But it’s roles like George that prove to be the most difficult for him as an actor.

“It’s more challenging playing ‘me’, or a slightly different version of me.”

But Butler is quick to point out that, despite those challenges, he, like his character, works to overcome them. “It wasn’t a difficult role to connect with, but what’s interesting is that… the movie’s about realizing when you’ve been a certain way your whole life, you got to finally go for something deeper.”

Playing For Keeps, starring Butler and Uma Thurman, opens Friday, December 7. Watch Celebuzz’ exclusive interview with Butler above, and check out a clip from the film below!

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